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Promoting Equal Opportunity

The DFG is actively committed to equal opportunity and the equality of women and men in the German research system. The promotion of "equality between men and women in the scientific and academic communities" has been anchored in Section 1 of the DFG's statutes since 2002.

Equality and equal opportunity pay off in many ways. They make it possible to fully exploit the available talent and innovation potential. Diverse working groups also have a positive impact on the quality of research because of the range of perspectives, experiences and abilities of their members, and so contribute significant additional value.

Consequently, the aims of the DFG's equal opportunity work – to achieve a gender balance in the research system and to make a scientific career compatible with family commitments – do not just promote diversity and equal opportunity in the research system. These aims also make Germany more attractive as a place to research, particularly for highly qualified early career researchers.Interner Link


Freely accessible online information system that presents examples illustrating the possible breadth of gender equality measures in research and teaching in keeping with the DFG's Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.

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