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Excellence Initiative: We Take it Literally

As we await decisions on a new federal/state initiative, it is still unclear how politicians will fulfil their mandate and self-imposed goal of shaping the research system. But they have basically already committed themselves to the continuation of the principles that have made the Excellence Initiative so successful thus far: the funding of top-level research that is open to all research fields and a science-driven process. by Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider [ more ]

DFG Welcomes Imboden Report on the Excellence Initiative

Commenting on the report of the "Imboden Commission" presented on 29 January 2016 in Berlin, DFG President Peter Strohschneider said: "The report is a clear call for the targeted funding of top-level research at universities. We share the positive summary of the two phases of the Excellence Initiative so far and we are especially pleased at the assessment of the clusters of excellence. We also believe that the Commission's recommendations set the course for the design of a new federal-state initiative."

Kicking Off a New Year for Science Policy: DFG Underlines Expectations of New Excellence Initiative

At the start of 2016, the DFG has underlined the expectations of the research community with regard to the planned new federal-state initiative for the further development of the Excellence Initiative. At a press conference in Berlin on Monday morning, DFG President Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider and Secretary General Dorothee Dzwonnek shared their views on the possible objectives and format of a new round of the programme first launched in 2006. On Monday evening, the largest research funding organisation and central self-governing organisation of the research community in Germany welcomed more than 300 guests to its traditional New Year reception.

DFG Supports 21 New Specialised Information Services

The DFG will fund another 21 specialised information services at research libraries. The DFG's Joint Committee has approved a total of €21.2 million in funding for the expansion of specialised literature and information services. The aim is to enhance the service function of libraries with respect to the German research community. The funding decision also signals the completion of the restructuring of the former DFG-funded special subject collections.

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