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With Freedom Comes Responsibility

It is incumbent on every individual in the research system – as it is on the system as a whole – to subject their own capabilities and limitations to critical reflection, particularly at times of increasingly rapid change in research and in the circumstances surrounding it. A statement on the occasion of the award of this year’s Leibniz Prizes. by Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider [ more ]

DFG to Fund 20 New Collaborative Research Centres

The DFG is establishing 20 new Collaborative Research Centres (CRC), including six CRC/Transregios. This was decided by the responsible Grants Committee in Bonn. The new CRCs will receive a total of €174 million in funding. There will also be a 22% programme allowance for indirect project costs. The centres will be funded for an initial four-year period, starting on 1 July 2016. In addition to the 20 new Collaborative Research Centres, the Committee also approved the extension of 24 existing CRCs for an additional funding period.

DFG to Fund Eighteen New Research Training Groups

The DFG is establishing 18 new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers in Germany. They include two International Research Training Groups with partners in Italy and South Korea. This was decided by the responsible Grants Committee during its spring session in Bonn. The Research Training Groups will receive approximately €74 million in funding for an initial period of four and a half years. The Grants Committee also approved the extension of 14 Research Training Groups for another four and a half years.

Six Universities Receive New X-Ray Microscopes

The DFG is equipping six universities in Germany with new X-ray microscopes. As part of its current major instrumentation initiative, it is providing €13.4 million to establish the technology in Bremen, Dortmund, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Halle, Hannover and Saarbrücken. Proposals from these institutions were selected from a total of 19 proposals by the DFG's Joint Committee.

DFG Establishes 17 New Priority Programmes

The DFG is to establish 17 new Priority Programmes (PP) for 2017. Priority Programmes are established for the purposes of research into the fundamental scientific issues of particularly topical or emerging areas. The new PPs were chosen by the DFG Senate from 76 submitted initiatives. Over the coming months, the DFG will announce a separate call for proposals for the programmes. A total of approximately €108 million will be available for the 17 new programmes in the first three-year funding period.

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