14 New Collaborative Research Centres

Topics range from practices of comparison to robustness of vision / Approximately €120 million in funding for an initial four-year period

(21.11.16) The DFG is establishing 14 new Collaborative Research Centres (CRC), including seven CRC/Transregios (TRR). This was decided by the responsible Grants Committee during its autumn session in Bonn. The new CRCs will receive a total of €117.4 million in funding. There will also be a 22 percent programme allowance for indirect project costs. The centres will be funded for an initial four-year period, starting on 1 January 2017. In addition to the 14 new Collaborative Research Centres, the Grants Committee also approved the extension of 15 existing CRCs for an additional funding period.

DFG to Fund 20 New Research Training Groups

Topics range from medical imaging to analysis of authority and trust in US politics and society / €87 million in funding for an initial four and a half years

(14 November 2016) The DFG is establishing 20 new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers. They include three International Research Training Groups with partners in the UK, New Zealand and Austria. This was decided by the responsible Grants Committee in Bonn. In addition to the 20 new collaborations, the Grants Committee approved the extension of seven Research Training Groups for another four and a half years. In total the DFG is currently funding 206 Research Training Groups, including 41 International Research Training Groups.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy: DFG and WR Issue Calls for Proposals for Clusters of Excellence and Universities of Excellence

Proposal requirements, funding criteria and timetable online / Submission of draft proposals for Clusters of Excellence until 3 April 2017

(30.09.16) On 28 September 2016, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Wissenschaftsrat (WR, German Council of Science and Humanities) issued calls for proposals in the Clusters of Excellence and Universities of Excellence funding lines, marking the start of the Excellence Strategy. The DFG is responsible for implementing the Clusters of Excellence funding line and the German Council of Science and Humanities for the Universities of Excellence funding line.

DFG to Fund Five New Research Units, One Clinical Research Unit and One Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies

Topics range from a simulation process for building design to study of the autoimmune disease pemphigus / Total of approximately €15 million for first funding period

(29.09.16) The DFG will fund five new Research Units, one new Clinical Research Unit and one Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies. This was decided by the DFG Senate during its autumn session in Bonn. The DFG will now fund a total of 195 Research Units, 20 Clinical Research Units and 10 Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies.

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DFG Representation Abroad (Interactive Map)

One of the DFG's core strategies, which is to promote collaboration between researchers at home and abroad, has gained increasing importance in the recent past. Establishing offices abroad is a part of this international strategy.

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Research Funding

Emmy Noether Meeting 2016

Researchers whose goal is a professorship are sceptical about the amended Fixed-term Employment in Higher Education and Research Act and the Early Career Researcher Pact. This became clear at the science policy evening of the 15th Emmy Noether Meeting. Some 150 funding recipients attended the meeting to take part in in-depth discussion on this and other topics.

Research Explorer – Research Directory

The Research Explorer is a fully searchable directory of 23,000 institutes at German universities and non-university research institutions. It is linked to the HRK’s Higher Education Compass offering additional information on doctoral programmes.


DFG participates in DWIH Indo-German Conference on “CityScapes” in New Delhi

The German Research Foundation – DFG India office participated in the Indo-German conference on “CityScapes” organized by the German House for Research and Innovation – DWIH New Delhi held from 29 September until 1 October 2016 at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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