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COPERNICUS AWARD 2018Outstanding German-Polish Cooperation in Cardiology

(15.06.18) Cardiologists from Berlin and Wrocław to receive the 2018 Copernicus Award from the DFG and the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) for their long-standing collaboration in heart failure research. The €200,000 Copernicus Award will be presented on 25 October 2018 in Berlin by the presidents of the DFG and the FNP. Interner Linkmore

€164 MILLION FOR INITIAL FOUR-YEAR PERIODDFG to Fund 14 New Collaborative Research Centres

(18.05.2018) The DFG is establishing 14 new Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs) to further support top-level research at German universities. They will receive a total of approximately €164 million in funding for an initial period of four years from 1 July 2018. The responsible Grants Committee also approved the extension of 21 CRCs. Interner Linkmore

€70 MILLION FOR INITIAL FOUR-AND-A-HALF-YEAR PERIODDFG to Fund 15 New Research Training Groups

(16.05.18) The DFG is establishing 15 new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers. They will receive a total of €70 million in funding for an initial period of four and a half years starting from October 2018. The responsible Grants Committee also approved the extension of nine Research Training Groups. Interner Linkmore

Top-Level researcher and bridge-builderAntje Boetius Wins 2018 Communicator Award

(20.04.18) Marine researcher Antje Boetius is the winner of this year’s Communicator Award, conferred by the DFG and the Stifterverband. She is recognised for her multifaceted work in communicating her research and in making science accessible to the public. The prize will be presented on 2 July in Bonn. Interner Linkmore

Germany’s most important early career awardTen Researchers to Receive Prize

(27.03.18) Ten researchers – five women and five men – will receive the 2018 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize. The recipients were chosen by a selection committee appointed by the DFG and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The awards will be presented on 29 May in Berlin. Interner Linkmore

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Scientific PrizesLeibniz Prizes 2018

The latest recipients of Germany's most prestigious research funding prize have been announced. The Joint Committee of the DFG has selected eleven researchers, four women and seven men, to receive the 2018 Leibniz Prize. Interner Linkmore

Funded ProjectsTwo New Research Units, One New Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies

The maximum funding duration for Research Units is two periods of three years; Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies can be funded for two periods of four years. Interner Linkmore

Four Competence CentresHigh-Throughput Sequencing

The DFG is establishing four new competence centres for high-throughput sequencing. They will be equipped with next generation sequencing technology and funded with €14 million for an initial period of three years. Interner Linkmore

FAQs on submitting proposals to funding programmes

The FAQs were compiled to assist prospective applicants in submitting proposals to the DFG. They provide information on various DFG funding programmes and serve to complement existing guidelines and instructions. Interner Linkmore

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