DFG to Fund 15 New Research Training Groups

€66 million in funding for an initial four and a half years / Continued promotion of transferable skills

(15.05.17) The DFG is establishing 15 new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers in Germany. They include two International Research Training Groups with partners in Australia and China. This, along with the extension of five Research Training Groups for another four and a half years, was decided by the responsible Grants Committee. The Committee also approved continued funding for transferable skills training.

DFG Statement on the Replicability of Research Results

Contribution to the public debate on the “replication crisis”

(25.04.17) In April 2017, the DFG published a statement on the replicability of research results and thus took a differentiated position in the on-going public debate on the “replication crisis”. “The question of the replicability of research results essentially touches on the question of the quality of research and concerns all of science”, says DFG President Peter Strohschneider. The discussion was triggered by a series on the replicability of research results (in biomedicine) in the scientific journal Lancet in 2014.

Germany’s Excellence Strategy: Finalising the Next Steps

Committee of Experts determines further guidelines for Universities of Excellence

(12.04.17) The Committee of Experts for the Excellence Strategy met for the second time in Bonn on 5 and 6 April 2017 to discuss the programme’s next procedural steps and determine the requirements for proposals in the Universities of Excellence funding line. The Committee consists of 39 researchers, based primarily outside of Germany, with proven track records who represent the full range of academic disciplines. The meeting was co-chaired by the heads of the German Council of Science and Humanities and the DFG.

Excellence Strategy: 195 Draft Proposals for Clusters of Excellence

First stage of the selection process gets underway / Committee of Experts to issue invitations for full proposals by the end of September

(05.04.17) The first stage of the selection process for new Clusters of Excellence in the Excellence Strategy can now get underway. By the submission deadline on 3 April, 195 draft proposals for Clusters of Excellence had been received by the DFG, which is managing this funding line. The proposals come from 63 universities representing all 16 federal states. A total of 47 were submitted by multiple universities, including six proposals submitted by three institutions. At the end of September, once the draft proposals have been evaluated by international review panels, the Committee of Experts for the Excellence Strategy will decide which draft proposals will be invited to submit full proposals.

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DFG Representation Abroad (Interactive Map)

One of the DFG's core strategies, which is to promote collaboration between researchers at home and abroad, has gained increasing importance in the recent past. Establishing offices abroad is a part of this international strategy.

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Coordinated Programmes

New Research Units and Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies

The DFG is establishing four new Research Units and two new Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies. This was decided by the DFG Senate in Bonn. In addition, another Research Unit, funded jointly by the DFG and the Swiss National Science Foundation, will begin its work. The collaborations will enable researchers to pursue pressing issues in their research areas. Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies are specifically tailored to the working methods used in the humanities.

Research Explorer – Research Directory

The Research Explorer is a fully searchable directory of 23,000 institutes at German universities and non-university research institutions. It is linked to the HRK’s Higher Education Compass offering additional information on doctoral programmes.


DFG Lindau Alumnae and Alumni invited to submit workshop proposals

Leading up to this year’s Lindau Alumni Meeting (to take place in December 2017, t.b.c.), DFG will fund one or two Scientific Workshops. They will be organized by Indian Alumni of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting. In this context, DFG has issued a call for proposals addressing all of its Indian Lindau Alumni. Please refer to the call text for more information.

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