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DFG Statement on the Replicability of Research Results

In April 2017, the DFG published a statement on the replicability of research results and thus took a differentiated position in the on-going public debate on the “replication crisis”. “The question of the replicability of research results essentially touches on the question of the quality of research and concerns all of science”, says DFG President Peter Strohschneider. The discussion was triggered by a series on the replicability of research results (in biomedicine) in the scientific journal Lancet in 2014.

“Science Is International”

The DFG and other German science organisations have issued a joint statement criticizing US President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The order represents “an act of aggression against the fundament values of science” and gravely impairs the international exchange that is of such critical importance for scientific collaboration. The organisations are calling on the United States government to repeal the order immediately.

DFG Infobriefs

This online publication provides a brief look at the findings of statistical analyses on research funding policies and on individual DFG funding programmes.

Speeches and Statements

In speeches and statements the DFG and its representatives publish their viewpoints. A list of all statements in most cases including an English translation gives an overview.

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