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Heisenberg Programme

Those who fulfil all the requirements for tenured professorships may apply for the DFG’s Heisenberg Programme. If you’re preparing for a future scientific leadership position and looking to boost your scientific reputation, we’ll help you to continue performing top-class research at a location of your choice.

The Heisenberg Programme is directed primarily at those researchers who have qualified for professorship via the Emmy Noether Programme, DFG staff positions, private-sector research or non-faculty academic positions. The target group also includes junior professors who have received positive evaluations, those who have achieved their habilitation or equivalent, and German researchers returning from abroad, as well as appropriately qualified foreign researchers looking to pursue careers in Germany.

November 2005 saw the launch of the Heisenberg professorships in addition to the Heisenberg fellowships. If you apply for a Heisenberg professorship, you will, in addition to a DFG review, also go through an appointment procedure at the admitting university. The admitting university must create the professor position and clarify the extent to which this position constitutes a structural development. The admitting university must also guarantee that, where permitted under state law, Heisenberg professors will be funded by the university budget once the five-year DFG funding period is over.

Please note

The Joint Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) decided at its meeting on 4 July 2017 to make changes to the Emmy Noether Programme and the Heisenberg Programme with effect from 1 January 2018.

Information about the Programme


To provide outstanding researchers who fulfil the requirements for appointment to a long-term professorship with the opportunity to prepare for a leading position in science and research and to use the time to work on an advanced research topic

The Heisenberg Programme is aimed particularly at researchers who have qualified for professorship via the Emmy Noether Programme, DFG project positions, industrial research activity, or mid-level faculty positions. The target group also encompasses junior professors, those with a habilitation, and German researchers returning to Germany or qualified foreign researchers who would like to pursue an academic or scientific career in Germany.

Eligibility Requirements

Young researchers of all disciplines who qualify for a professorship by holding a habilitation or equivalent qualification and who have proven themselves by carrying out particularly outstanding research

Proposal Requirements

High scientific quality and originality of a research project at an international level and the potential for gaining further qualifications as a university teacher

In addition to successfully taking part in the DFG's review process, applicants for a Heisenberg professorship must also participate in the host institution's professorial appointment process. The host university must create a position and indicate how this position constitutes a structural development. In addition, the university must guarantee that it will assume funding for the position from its own budget once the DFG's five-year funding period has expired, provided this is legally admissible in the respective state.

Type and Extent of Funding


A research grant may also be requested for projects in Germany.

Funding Duration

5 years max.

Forms and Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals may be submitted at any time.


Additional information on scientific matters may be obtained under

Questions on policies and procedures may be addressed to:

During Your Fellowship
(Contact Persons at the Fellowship Office)

The Fellowship Office is available to help you answer any questions that arise during your fellowship, particularly those relating to taxation and social security benefits. You can contact us in the following ways:

Reference code letters / Contact Persons

A, K - L

Volker Nagel
0228/885 - 2625
Link auf E-Mailvolker.nagel@dfg.de


Marion Sura
0228/885 - 2730
Link auf E-Mailmarion.sura@dfg.de

C - G

Birgit Windisch
0228/885 - 2643
Link auf E-Mailbirgit.windisch@dfg.de

H - J, Sa - Sz, T - Z

Marlene Gehlen
0228/885 - 2497
Link auf E-Mailmarlene.gehlen@dfg.de

M - R, Sch and St

Joumana Eisso
0228/885 - 2103
Link auf E-Mailjoumana.eisso@dfg.de

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