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International Research Training Groups

International Research Training Groups provide opportunities for joint doctoral training programmes between German universities and universities abroad. The research and study programmes are jointly developed and supervised. Doctoral students in the programme complete a six-month research stay at the respective partner institution.

41 International Research Training Groups
41 International Research Training Groups
September 2017

Information on Doctoral Training Programmes

The DFG has concluded agreements with a number of partner organisations to support cooperation and the submission of proposals. Information on doctoral training programmes offered in specific countries is available below.

Evaluation of International Research Training Groups

Established in 1997, International Research Training Groups (IRTGs) are programme variations on the Research Training Group offering research and training in association with a partner group in another country. In 2014, the Technopolis Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft completed an evaluation of this programme variation. The study looks at the impact of IRTGs on internationalisation processes from three different perspectives: from the point of view of doctoral researchers, participating researchers in the German group and its international counterpart as well as the university that submitted the proposal.

Additional Information

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