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Forms and Guidelines

Forms and guidelines pertaining to this programme can be downloaded via the following link:

Please note that this link will take you to a German site. Forms and guidelines that have been translated into English are categorised as “EN”.

New developments in the Programme Collaborative Research Centres (November 2015):

On October 1, 2015, the Joint Committee („Hauptausschuss“) of the DFG decided to introduce some changes in the programme Collaborative Research Centres (CRC):

  • Flexibility: The requirement of local concentration is replaced by the requirement of concentration at the applicant university(-ies). The participation of external projects is facilitated within well-defined rules.
  • The assessment of the CRC as a whole will be further strengthened during the evaluation and in the decision-making process. The relevant criteria are: research, people, research profile of the applicant university(-ies), and support structures.

For further information (in German):

Additional Information

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