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International Cooperation

The DFG supports cooperation with international partners in all of its funding programmes and with a multitude of instruments. In general, it is possible to apply for the funds needed for cooperation, in addition to the project funding itself, regardless of the specific type of project funding involved. Cooperative projects with foreign partners are generally supported on the principle of reciprocal responsibility: those researchers working in Germany interact with the DFG, while their cooperative partners working abroad liaise with the funding bodies in their own country. This applies, in particular, to institutions with which the DFG has signed a joint funding agreement for research cooperation.

International Cooperation

International research collaborations may be funded either as part of individual projects or in the context of coordinated programmes (Collaborative Research Centres, Research Training Groups, Research Units, Priority Programmes, etc.).

The European Research Area

The DFG funds research at the European level on the basis of scientific competition. To this end, and to promote cross-border scientific cooperation, the DFG has established numerous bilateral and European programmes.

International Early Career Grant Programmes

Researchers who are integrated in the German research system may use a fellowship for a longer research stay abroad.

Additional Information

Information systems

Part of the DFG's mission is to support German information centres, which are linked to the global network of information systems through a wide array of cooperative programmes and activities, in developing infrastructures and services.

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