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Forms and Guidelines

All forms and guidelines are available in the main listing. The list can be sorted according to programme and purpose.

Additional Information

The section “Funding Programmes” lists all of the DFG's programmes. Compact overviews and guidelines provide detailed information, enabling you to select the right funding instrument.

Many of the DFG's programmes are now modular in structure. In the guidelines, researchers will find an overview of the modules that they can select in the respective programme to complete their project. In addition to the basic module, i.e. funding for consumables/ staff/instrumentation, these may also include workshop or public relations funding.

Forms and guidelines are the primary source of information for the proposal process. These have a uniform structure and guide prospective applicants to the information they need.

The DFG’s elan system enables proposals to be submitted electronically. This initially applies to proposals for research grants and will later be expanded to include additional programmes. Forms and guidelines can be accessed and downloaded directly via elan.

The modularised programme portfolio provides fast and targeted information, thereby simplifying the proposal process.

Proposal submission using the new structure began in mid-October. The new guidelines and forms for research grants are available in elan, the DFG's electronic proposal processing system. The DFG Head Office will only accept proposals in the previous paper form until 1 February 2012.

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