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Structure of the Commission

Interner LinkPlenum
The voluntary members of the Commission represent universities, research institutions, industry and professional organisations and contribute their expertise from professional environments. They are assisted by specialists from government agencies and public institutions, who are included as 'permanent guests'.

Interner LinkWorking Groups
The Commission consists of working groups which prepare proposals for the following: maximum workplace concentrations (MAK values), biological tolerance values (BAT values), biologische Leitwerte (BLW) and biological reference values for workplace substances (BAR); classification of substances as carcinogenic, germ cell mutagenic, sensitising or percutaneously absorbed; evaluation of a risk during pregnancy; evaluation of methods for analyses in air and in biological material.

Interner LinkThe Commission's Scientific Secretariat
The Scientific Secretariat organises and coordinates the work of the Commission and is responsible for verifying the content, for editing and for publishing the List of MAK and BAT Values and the scientific documentation.