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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: December 12, 2018

Economics, Auditing and Compliance

belongs to DFG Executive Board

Head: Schmidt, Ute
Deputy: Habel, Florian


Tasks and Responsibilities


Budget and Economic Management Audits Habel, Florian
Kniel, Daniela
Menz, Matthias
Corruption Prevention Officer Habel, Florian
Deputy Data Protection Officer Habel, Florian
Head Auditing Habel, Florian

Controlling, Cost-Performance Accounting

Controlling Ritterbach, Dieter
Cost-Performance Accounting Ritterbach, Dieter

General Responsibilities

Academic Freedom Initiative Schmidt, Ute
Deputy Corruption Prevention Officer Schmidt, Ute
Head Economics and Auditing Schmidt, Ute
Procurement Policy Schmidt, Ute


Data Protection Officer Dörel, Peter
Procurement Procedures and Negotiations Dallinger, Lisa
Dörel, Peter
Jürgensen, Katharina