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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: May 23, 2018

Strategy and Policy

belongs to DFG Executive Board

Head: Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.
Deputy: N.N.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Cooperation with Research Organisations

Alliance Contacts and Contact with the Stifterverband Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.
Alliance of German Science Organisations Steinberger, Martin
Consultations between HRK and DFG Executive Committees Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.
Consultations between MPG and DFG Executive Committees Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.

General Responsibilities

DFG Senate By-Elections Steinberger, Martin
Members and Membership Applications Steinberger, Martin

Strategic Planning and Policy

Management of the "Strategiefonds" Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.
Policy Issues on the DFG Statutes and Statutory Bodies Steinberger, Martin
Strategic Planning of Funding Programmes and Funding Initiatives Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.

Support of DFG Statutory Bodies

Ad Hoc Review Committee on Membership Applications Steinberger, Martin
Executive Committee Verschragen, Jeroen Dr.
General Assembly Steinberger, Martin
Senate Committee on Strategic Planning Steinberger, Martin

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