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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: May 23, 2018

Quality and Programme Management

belongs to International Affairs and Integrative Activities

Head: Kreutzer, Volker
Deputy: Ochsenfeld-Repp, Sonja Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Programme Management

Aufbau internationaler Kooperationen Knoop, Susanne Dr.
Centres for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinical Studies Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinical Trials Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinician Scientists Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Conference Funding Brennecke-Schröder, Doris
DFG-funded Publications Horstmann, Heide
Rahlf, Thomas Dr.
Emmy Noether Programme Horstmann, Heide
Equal Opportunity Medved, Ines Dr.
Ochsenfeld-Repp, Sonja Dr.
Reichwein, Eva Dr.
Fachhochschulen Kreutzer, Volker
First-Time Proposals Thelen, Philip Dr.
Heisenberg Programme Heuermann, Paul
Inquiries on Social Insurance Burgbacher, Christiane
Reinhart Koselleck Projects Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Research Fellowships Heuermann, Paul
Research Units Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Scientific Networks Horstmann, Heide
Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators Thelen, Philip Dr.
Verfahren mit internationalen Bezügen Brennecke-Schröder, Doris
Knoop, Susanne Dr.
Ochsenfeld-Repp, Sonja Dr.
Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs Ochsenfeld-Repp, Sonja Dr.
Workshops for Early Career Investigators Thelen, Philip Dr.

Support of DFG Statutory Bodies

DFG Liaison for Non-Member Organisations Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
DFG Liaison Officers Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Election of Review Boards Members Burgbacher, Christiane
Micalizzi, Patrizia
Thelen, Philip Dr.

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