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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: November 12, 2018

Quality and Programme Management

belongs to International Affairs and Integrative Activities

Head: Kreutzer, Volker
Deputy: Holthausen, Sarah Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Programme Management

Centres for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinical Studies Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinical Trials Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Clinician Scientists Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Conference Funding Brennecke-Schröder, Doris
DFG-funded Publications Horstmann, Heide
Rahlf, Thomas Dr.
Emmy Noether Programme Horstmann, Heide
Heisenberg Programme Heuermann, Paul
Initiation of International Collaboration Knoop, Susanne Dr.
Inquiries on Social Insurance Burgbacher, Christiane
Reinhart Koselleck Projects Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Research Fellowships Heuermann, Paul
Research Units Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Scientific Networks Horstmann, Heide
Universities of Applied Sciences Kreutzer, Volker
Verfahren mit internationalen Bezügen Brennecke-Schröder, Doris

Support of DFG Statutory Bodies

DFG Liaison for Non-Member Organisations Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
DFG Liaison Officers Rogmans-Beucher, Ursula
Election of Review Boards Members Burgbacher, Christiane
Micalizzi, Patrizia
Thelen, Philip Dr.
Joint Committee Fuchs-Bodde, Katharina Dr.