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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: March 14, 2018

Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

belongs to Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure

Head: Lipp, Anne Dr.
Deputy: Fournier, Johannes Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Strategic and Scientific Funding Programmes

Acquisition of Complete Literary Remains and Collections Schulz-Walden, Thorsten Dr.
Alliance Licenses Holzer, Angela Dr.
Cooperation DFG/NEH Holzer, Angela Dr.
e-Research Katerbow, Matthias Dr.
Indexing and Digitisation Doll-Sellen, Annette Dr.
Kessen, Kathrin
Knautz, Kathrin Dr.
Schulz-Walden, Thorsten Dr.
Information Infrastructures for Research Data Fournier, Johannes Dr.
Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Communication of Science Fournier, Johannes Dr.
Open Access Publishing Holzer, Angela Dr.
Scientific Information Services Bilic-Merdes, Michaela Dr.

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