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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: March 21, 2017

Human Resources and Legal Affairs

belongs to Central Administration

Head: Stuck, Nicole
Deputy: N.N.


Tasks and Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

Personnel and Organisational Development Policies Trotnow, Sabine
Personnel Financial Management Policies Sohns-Wißkirchen, Anne

Legal Affairs

Association Law Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Biolaw Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Contractual Matters Hagena-Schmedding, Ulrike
Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Copyright Law Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Employment Law Hagena-Schmedding, Ulrike
Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Legal Issues in Research Funding Hagena-Schmedding, Ulrike
Prusseit, Peter Dr.
Legal Matters involving DFG Offices Abroad Spitzer, Christine Dr.
Medical Law Prusseit, Peter Dr.
University Law Prusseit, Peter Dr.

Operational Organisational Management

Organisational Structure Policies Weth, Daniel

Personnel and Organisational Development

Strategic Personnel and Organisational Development Frömel, Simone
Trotnow, Sabine

Personnel Management

Personnel Management Policies Möhring, Norbert

Process Management and Project Management

Process Management Hopp, Oliver
Weth, Daniel
Zsack, Friedhelm
Project Management Dormann, Sabine Dr.
Weth, Daniel
Zsack, Friedhelm

Return to Work Management and Work and Family

Work and Family Balance Kölle, Friederike

Translation Management

Translation Quality Management Exey, Lisa
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