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DFG Contacts

Stand: November 12, 2018

Dr. Raphael Birke

Programme Officer
Life Sciences 3: Medicine

E-Mail: raphael.birke@dfg.de
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2735
Telefax: +49 (228) 885-713320
Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn

Tasks and Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

Cardiovascular Research Coordination

Scientific Areas of Responsibility

205-12 Cardiology, Angiology
205-13 Pneumology, Clinical Infectiology

Scientific Areas of Responsibility (Deputy Contact)

205-03 Human Genetics
205-04 Physiology
205-07 Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry
205-09 Pharmacology
205-10 Toxicology, Occupational Medicine and Forensic Medicine
205-26 Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

Coordinated Programmes (procedural matters)

Clinical Research Units

196 Signal Transduction in Adaptive and Maladaptive Cardiac Remodelling
274 Thrombozyten - Molekulare Mechanismen und translationale Bedeutung
309 Virus-induced Lung Injury: Pathobiology and Novel Therapeutic Strategies
311 (Prä-)terminales Herz- und Lungenversagen: Mechanische Entlastung und Reparatur

Research Units

923 Molecular Dissection of Cardiovascular Functions
1054 Sex-Specific Mechanisms in Myocardial Hypertrophy

Coordinated Programmes (scientific matters)


84 Innate immunity of the lung: Mechanisms of pathogen attack and host defense in pneumonia

Clusters of Excellence

147 Cardiopulmonary System

Collaborative Research Centres

1002 Modulatory Units in Heart Failure
1116 Master switches in cardiac ischemia
1123 Atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets
1213 Pulmonary Hypertension and Cor Pulmonale

International Research Training Groups

1816 Phosphorylation- and redox-mediated signalling mechanisms in the failing heart
1902 Intra- and Interorgan Communication of the Cardiovascular System

Research Training Groups

2407 Inflammatory and cellular stress signaling: Switches to vascular dysfunction