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DFG Contacts

Stand: February 5, 2019

Dr. Katja Hartig

Programme Director
Life Sciences 3: Medicine

E-Mail: Katja.Hartig@dfg.de
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-2359
Telefax: +49 (228) 885-713320
Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn

Tasks and Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

Life Sciences Research Data

Support of DFG Statutory Bodies

Permanent Senate Commission on the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area
Working Group "Air Analyses"
Working Group "Analyses in Biological Material"
Working Group "Establishment of MAK Values"
Working Group "Establishment of Threshold Values for Dusts"
Working Group "Establishment of Threshold Values in Biological Material"
Working Group "Evaluation of Components of Metal-working Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricants"
Working Group "Skin and Allergy"

Scientific Areas of Responsibility

205-01 Medicine

Scientific Areas of Responsibility (Deputy Contact)

205-02 Medicine
205-11 Medicine
205-18 Medicine
205-19 Medicine
205-24 Medicine
205-27 Medicine
205-28 Medicine

Coordinated Programmes (procedural matters)

Research Units

2886 PANDORA - Pathways triggering AutoimmuNity and Defining Onset of early Rheumatoid Arthritis

Coordinated Programmes (scientific matters)

Research Training Groups

1715 Molecular Signatures of Adaptive Stress Responses