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Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 41 | 16. Juli 2012
Priority Programme “Osteoimmunology (IMMUNOBONE)“ (SPP 1468)

The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has announced the second funding period of the Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm, SPP) entitled “IMMUNOBONE”. This programme is intended to address the emerging field of Osteoimmunology. The programme will run for a second three-year period and the main aim is to investigate the shared mechanisms and interactions between the immune system and bone.

The goal of IMMUNOBONE is to provide a framework for obtaining new insights in the molecular, cellular and systemic interactions between effector cells and molecules of the immune system and the skeletal system. IMMUNOBONE is intended to build up an interdisciplinary network that will (1) investigate the communication and mutual interaction between the immune system and bone on the basic, translational and clinical science levels, (2) develop strategies and tools that target and regulate common pathways and signals in order to develop rational treatments and (3) enhance the overall knowledge in this emerging fields by facilitating development of a tight and longstanding interdisciplinary cooperation between research groups interested in the field.

Applicants are strongly encouraged that research projects submitted for the Priority Programme contain clearly defined and relevant research questions addressing the link between the immune system and bone.

The programme intends to include projects covering the following topics:

  • the regulation of bone destruction by immunological processes

  • the immunoregulation of bone regeneration and repair

  • the interaction of bone and the bone marrow niche for the adaptive immune system

  • clinical consequences of the interaction between immune and skeletal system including preclinical translational approaches

The programme will not support projects that:

  • focus on osteological topics without a clear connection to the immune systems (e. g. bone or cartilage development, hormonal regulation of bone metabolism, metabolic bone disorders, matrix biology of bone)

  • focus on immunological studies without a clear connection towards the skeletal system

  • constitute clinical studies evaluating the application, safety and efficacy of anti-osteoporotic drugs

  • contain epidemiological studies on the incidence and prevalence of osteoporosis and associated diseases

  • study malignant diseases of bones or the hematopoietic system

  • build upon model systems of limited relevance (e. g. single cell lines)

  • concentrate on investigating the relevance and use of biomarkers or are mainly based on or are limited to descriptive array analysis (genomics, proteomics etc.)

Please submit proposals marked with the keyword “SPP IMMUNOBONE” and addressed to the attention of Dr. Katja Susann Grossmann to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Kennedyallee 40, 53175 Bonn, by 15 October 2012. The review will be held during a proposal colloquium scheduled to take place in Bonn in January 2013.

Proposals should be submitted on paper (in triplicate) including appendices and on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM should include the proposal and all appendices (publications, etc.) as PDF files. Please also provide the printed and signed form “Proposal Data and Obligations” (54.011en) that can be found on the DFG website. Proposals must be written in English and the title and project summary should also be provided in German.

Please be aware that proposals for Priority Programmes cannot be submitted via our electronic elan system. Please make sure to follow the instructions on the proposal preparation and submission described in “Proposal Preparation Instructions – Project Proposals” (form 54.01en) and “Guidelines Priority Programmes” (form 50.5en).

Further Information

Proposal instructions and guidelines can be found at:

For scientific enquiries please contact the programme coordinator:

 For administrative enquiries please contact: