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Case Sensitivity

The search is not case sensitive.


While the search term is being typed into the field, suggestions for possible search terms are displayed in the drop-down list below. Clicking on one of these suggestions, carries out a search for this term.

Narrowing Down Search Results

You can narrow down search results, by changing the selection in the drop-down box to the left of the search field. The following options are available:

  • Funding programmes
  • Forms and pamphlets
  • News
  • Persons


To further limit the results, (multiple) categories from the faceted navigation can be selected. Within the available categories

  • dfg.de website
  • Funding programmes
  • News
  • Format
  • Language
  • Year
  • Date

filters can be created by clicking on the according entry.
Filters can be removed individually by clicking the x icon.

To reset the results to their original state, click “delete all filters”.


The facet “persons” presents current employees of the office, as well as members of the committees and councils.


The search does not differentiate between languages. The complete content of www.dfg.de is being searched, regardless of the language version. If you would like to narrow down your search to a specific language, you can do so using the filter option „language“.


If you are uncertain about the spelling or would like to search only for certain parts of a word, so called wildcards can help. The character „?“ thereby replaces one character, while „*“ can be used as a substitute for several characters.

For example: Entering „ma?er“ would find „Maier“ or „Mayer“; „m*er“ would produce results for „Meier“, „Mayer“ and „Maier“

Phrase Search

Using quotation marks ("…") in your search term, allows you to find exact sentences or phrases. The phrase „application assessment“ will therefore find all entries with this exact order of words.

Searching with Logical Operators

Boolean operator OR

When no logical operators are used, search terms are connected by OR. This will broaden the search and provide results, which contain either of the entered terms.

For example: „news reports“ finds all results containing either the keyword „news“ or „reports“.

Boolean operator AND

You can use AND to connect terms. The results list will then only include entries that contain both keywords.

Please note, that the operator „AND“ always has to be written in capitals.

For example: „news AND reports“ finds all results containing „news“ as well as „reports“.

Boolean operator NOT

Search terms can be excluded by using NOT. The results will therefore only include entries that contain the first but not the second keyword.

Please note, that the operator „NOT“ always has to be written in capitals.

For example: „news NOT reports“ finds all results containing „news“ but not „reports“.

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