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Press Release No. 24 | 16 June 2009
DFG Science TV Starts Second Series on the Internet

Expanded Video Portal Adds More Web 2.0 Features

DFG Science TV is starting a second series of short, online science videos. The season was launched today at a press conference in Berlin. "We are exploring new avenues in research communication in an effort to interest young people in science," DFG President Professor Matthias Kleiner told journalists. The video portal of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), www.dfg-science-tv.de, accompanies DFG-funded projects from all areas of science in their work in Germany and around the world. What makes this project unique? The material for the films is recorded by the participating scientists themselves. A professional production company compresses this "first-hand" raw data into three-minute films according to a previously defined script.

In the second series, ten research projects will be providing insight into their daily work. They were selected from 40 scientific projects that competed in a contest to participate in DFG Science TV. Through the videos, viewers will experience "real" science. Project topics range from mate choice from an evolutionary perspective, to the creation of an ecosystem, to gravitational wave physics. The researchers work in Germany, China and Siberia.

The videos in the second series are even more specifically tailored to the target group of 14-19-year-olds. The films are the heart of the site. Through the authenticity of the recordings, they make science come alive. The videos are available for download, making them easier to use in the classroom. The films are being produced by the Evisco company from Munich.

The second season is being presented on a considerably expanded website. The player enables access not only to the other videos of a given project, but also to a wealth of information. It also contains a rating tool. The video portal has added a number of Web 2.0 features and, in addition to background information in the form of text and images, also offers links to the research areas and courses of study. A quiz invites users to test their knowledge of the projects. Newsletters, SMS service and an RSS feed provide targeted information on new releases, and mobile access delivers DFG Science TV to those on the go. For this purpose, the site also relies on word being spread via other portals and social networks. The short message service Twitter also relays news.

To provide access to DFG Science TV to international target groups, all videos are released in both German and English. In addition to the primary target group of young users, focus is also on teachers, media experts and the broad group of people who are interested in science. The DFG implemented the internet portal together with the company 3-point-concepts of Berlin.

The second season builds on the experiences from the first series, which featured ten projects from April through June 2008. The idea for the project was developed by the DFG together with TV producer and author Gisela Graichen and film producer Peter Prestel. In the meantime, the film material has since been used in TV productions as well as by the scientists. Furthermore, the evaluation of the first series showed wide acceptance among the aforementioned target groups. The Donors´ Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities therefore decided to also provide financial support for the second series. The results will again be evaluated at the end of the second season. On this basis, a decision will be made with regard to the establishment of DFG Science TV as a modern instrument for DFG public relations.

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