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Press Release No. 28 | 1 June 2007
Star Gazing Opens New Transatlantic Prospects

DFG and NSF Arrange Third Joint Research Conference

The conference on "Advanced Photonics in Application to Astrophysical Problems", to be held from 10-12 June 2007 in Washington, is the third scientific meeting to be arranged by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) in cooperation with the American National Science Foundation (NSF). Following conferences on the geosciences, in 2004, and on biodiversity, in 2005, topics relating to astrophysics will be the focus of attention this time. The goal of the conference is to discuss new methods of research and possibilities for transatlantic cooperation. Apart from this exchange of views, the funding opportunities offered by the DFG and NSF should provide support for concrete cooperative projects between American and German scientists.

The conference should be of particular interest to outstanding and, above all, to young astrophysicists, bringing them together from across various disciplines. The aim is to promote a high-level interdisciplinary exchange on current scientific issues and to initiate international research cooperation.

The programme covers different aspects of modern astronomy, to be dealt with in workshops, poster presentations and podium discussions. What they have in common is that their scientific observations require special optical technology such as interferometry or adaptive optics. The topics range from the properties of galactic centres, to the examination of the physics of the sun, to the evidence for gravitational waves.

Further Information

The conference will take place from 10-12 June 2007, in the Convention Center of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 1200 New York Avenue, Washington DC. The programme can be found on the internet at

The DFG's Washington Office is responsible for coordination on the German side. Contact persons and other information can be found at

Contact person for specialist questions:

  • Dr. Stefan Krückeberg, Tel. +49 228 885-2477, E-mail: Stefan.Krueckeberg@dfg.de,

and in the International Affairs Division, North America (USA, Canada),

  • Dr. Aglaja Frodl, Tel. +49 228 885-2388, E-mail: Aglaja.Frodl@dfg.de.