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II. Quarter 2021

Communicator Award 2021: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Richter-Gebert

Communicator Award 2021 goes to Jürgen Richter-Gebert

(20.04.21) This year’s Communicator Award presented by the DFG and Stifterverband goes to the mathematician Professor Jürgen Richter-Gebert. An expert in geometry and visualisation from the Technical University of Munich, Professor Richter-Gebert receives the award worth €50,000 for his versatility in communicating abstract mathematical content to make it visible, audible and comprehensible. The award will be presented on 7 July 2021 at the DFG’s virtual Annual General Meeting. Interner Linkmore


I. Quarter 2021

Principles of effective career support in academia

(30.03.21) At the recommendation of the Senate, the Joint Committee of the DFG has now adopted ten principles for the effective support of researchers in early career phases. The principles are intended as a guide for the DFG’s member institutions, as well as for all institutions and individuals that receive funding from the DFG to finance researchers in an early phase of their career. Interner Linkmore

DFG Publishes Reports on Doctorates in Consortia

(30.03.21) The DFG has published two detailed reports on the subject of doctorates. They contain extensive up-to-date statistical data on the duration of doctoral programmes as well as details of the ratio between completed and non-completed doctorates in the research consortia funded by the DFG. The two reports are among the most reliable and detailed sources of statistics on doctorates in Germany. Interner Linkmore

Nine Research Units and One Clinical Research Unit

(29.03.21) The DFG is setting up six new Research Units and one new Clinical Research Unit. The DFG Joint Committee decided this on the recommendation of the Senate. The new Research Units will receive total funding of approximately €41 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance for indirect project-related costs. The decision has also been made to extend the funding of five Research Units for a second period. Interner Linkmore

DFG Establishes 13 New Priority Programmes

(29.03.21) The DFG is establishing 13 new Priority Programmes for 2022. This was decided by the DFG Senate at a meeting that was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 13 new consortia were selected from 47 submitted initiatives and will receive a total of approximately €82 million for an initial three years. Interner Linkmore

DFG extends financial aid for funded research projects

(26.03.21) The DFG is extending its financial aid for research projects and researchers affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. At its virtual spring meeting, the DFG Joint Committee extended its support measures for numerous funding programmes that have been in place since May 2020. Individual measures are being prolonged or newly added. Interner Linkmore

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizes 2021 announced

(11.03.21) Four female and six male researchers will receive the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize this year, the top award for early career investigators in Germany. This was the result of a decision made by a selection committee appointed by the DFG and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The prizes are each worth €20,000 and will be presented at a virtual event on 4 May. Interner Linkmore

DFG Sets a New Course for Open Access

(25.01.21) The DFG is increasing its efforts to enable free online access to publications and other research findings and has therefore adopted and implemented further measures. Subsidies towards publication fees are being awarded and have been since autumn 2020, and the establishment and expansion of suitable publication infrastructures is being promoted. Interner Linkmore

DFG New Year’s Address 2021

(11.01.21) For the first time, the DFG and the academic research community in Germany have started the new year off virtually. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional DFG New Year’s reception was held as an online event. Following the New Year’s address by DFG President Professor Dr. Katja Becker, the more than 400 registered guests representing academia, politics and society had the opportunity to meet digitally via an online platform.


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