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News | 2022

III. Quarter 2022

DFG awards prize in recognition of alternative methods in research on tumours and barrier organs

(28.07.22) The physician Dr. Michael Karl Melzer (Ulm) and the Würzburg Initiative 3R (WI3R) have been awarded this year’s Ursula M. Händel Animal Welfare Prize by the DFG for their ideas and methods contributing to the reduction of animal experiments. Worth a total of €80,000, the prize is now being awarded for the ninth time. The award ceremony is scheduled for 13 October in Münster. Interner Linkmore

DFG awards prize for early-career success in the geosciences

(26.07.22) Doctoral candidates Mariel Dirscherl (Cologne/Würzburg) and Nicolas Bourgon (Leipzig/Mainz) are to receive the DFG’s Bernd Rendel Prize 2022 for conducting promising and original geoscientific research at an early stage of their career. They were selected by a jury made up of members of the DFG’s review boards in the geosciences. Interner Linkmore

DFG calls for greater consideration of basic research

(06.07.22) The DFG calls for greater consideration of basic research in the Federal Government’s new strategy for research and innovation. “Knowledge-driven research lays the foundation for future innovations, technologies and applications,” says DFG President Katja Becker in a statement. Interner Linkmore

Realignment of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize

(05.07.22) The Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize is to be realigned: regarded as the most important award in Germany for researchers in the start-up phase of their careers, the prize is now to be transferred to the DFG’s funding portfolio and the area of institutional funding. At the same time, the prize money will be increased from €20,000 to €200,000, with the addition of a 22 percent programme allowance. As before, the prize will go to ten individuals from across all disciplines each year. Interner Linkmore

DFG Launches New Initiative for Equal Opportunities and Diversity

(05.07.22) The DFG aims to further promote equal opportunities and diversity in science at a number of levels. As a result, the aspect of diversity is now to be incorporated in the so-called Research-Oriented Standards on Equal Opportunities” and the title of these standards will be expanded to reflect this: in future they will be known as the “Research-Oriented Equal Opportunities and Diversity Standards". In addition to promoting the issue of equal opportunities, the DFG will also be doing more to embrace diversity in its own funding activities. Interner Linkmore


II. Quarter 2022

A new Vice President for the DFG

(29.06.22) The DFG has a new Vice President: at its meeting as part of the DFG’s Annual General Meeting in Freiburg, the DFG’s General Assembly elected legal scholar Professor Dr. Marietta Auer to the Executive Committee of the largest research funding organisation and central self-governing body for science and the humanities in Germany. Interner Linkmore

Position paper on the role of the DFG in the German research system

(29.06.22) What does the DFG see as its role in the German research system and what tasks and perspectives does this give rise to? The Executive Committee issued a position paper on these issues which was recently presented at the General Assembly. It describes the organisation’s three key operating principles of “promote, access, shape” while also emphasising the DFG’s responsibility in ensuring knowledge-driven research and the further development of the research system. Interner Linkmore

Focus on international research cooperation

(29.06.22) The DFG’s 2022 Annual General Meeting in Freiburg concluded with the General Assembly. The three-day event was the first gathering to be held on an in-person basis since 2019. In view of the current global political situation, one major topic at the committee meetings and the festive function was international cooperation in science. The DFG Annual Report 2021 was also presented at the General Assembly. Interner Linkmore

Seven New Research Units and Two New Centres for Advanced Studies

(28.06.22) The DFG is establishing seven new Research Units and two new Centres for Advanced Studies. The DFG Joint Committee recently approved these new consortia on the recommendation of the Senate. The new Research Units will receive total funding of approximately €38.4 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance. In addition to the nine newly created consortia, the extension of six Research Units and one Centre for Advanced Studies was approved for a second funding period. Interner Linkmore

Eight New Research Units in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

(28.06.22) The DFG is to fund eight new Research Units under its strategic funding initiative in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The DFG Joint Committee approved these new consortia on the recommendation of the Senate. The new consortia will receive total funding of approximately €31.4 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance. The funding initiative seeks to boost AI research in a wide range of fields. Interner Linkmore

DFG Annual General Meeting 2022 in Freiburg from 27 to 29 June

(13.06.22) The DFG is due to hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting in Freiburg im Breisgau from 27 to 29 June. This is the first face-to-face meeting of its kind in three years, since the 2020 and 2021 Annual General Meetings were held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The AGM will involve meetings of all the central bodies of the DFG in hybrid format, while the presentation of the Communicator Award and the official function will be the first public events to be held since 2019. Interner Linkmore

DFG Presents Awards to Selected Jugend forscht Winners

(31.05.22) The DFG has awarded its Europa Prize to selected winners of the national Jugend forscht competition. They recently received the award at the Jugend forscht finals in Lübeck in addition to their national prize. The aim is to prepare the winners for the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) in September. Interner Linkmore

DFG to Fund Nine New Collaborative Research Centres

(27.05.22) The DFG is establishing nine new Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) to promote world-class research at universities. This was announced by the relevant Grants Committee, which met by video conference. The new CRCs will initially receive a total of approximately €111 million over a period of four years from 1 July 2022 onwards. The Grants Committee also agreed to extend funding for another 19 CRCs for an additional funding period. Interner Linkmore

Academic Publishing and the Assessment of Scholarship

(18.05.22) Academic publishing faces a number of challenges that can have a negative impact on research. As a contribution to critical debate and with a view to rectifying developments, the DFG has published a position paper entitled “Academic Publishing as a Foundation and Area of Leverage for Research Assessment: Challenges and Fields of Action”. Interner Linkmore

13 New Research Training Groups

(09.05.22) The DFG is establishing 13 new Research Training Groups (RTGs) to further bolster the support offered to early career researchers. This was decided by the relevant Grants Committee. The new RTGs will receive a total of roughly €93 million over an initial period of five years from autumn 2022 onwards. For the first time, they can also fund doctoral researchers for more than 36 months up to a maximum of 48 months. Six RTGs have each had their funding extended for a further period. Interner Linkmore

Statement on Reforming Research Assessment

(02.05.22) The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has issued a statement acknowledging the joint effort to commit to responsible and quality-oriented research assessment on the initiative of the European Commission. The Alliance’s vision for research assessment in a renewed ERA is to share best practice as to achieve functional interoperability of specific research assessment systems and a strengthened process of mutual learning, and not to create one general Europe-wide harmonised system. Link auf PDF-Dateimore

Third DFG Office in the USA

(29.04.22) The DFG is opening an office in San Francisco, USA. It is part of the newly established German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) and the third DFG office in the United States, in addition to those in Washington D.C. and New York. DFG Secretary General Dr. Heide Ahrens emphasised in San Francisco the great importance of networking with research companies and top universities on the US West Coast. Interner Linkmore

Outstanding German-Polish Collaboration Receives Award

(28.04.22) Professor Dr. Sascha Feuchert, University of Giessen, and Professor Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska, University of Łódź, have been selected to receive of the Copernicus Award 2022, presented by the DFG and its Polish partner organisation FNP. The award recognizes the two scholars’ in-depth collaboration in the field of Holocaust studies. The award ceremony is to take place in Warsaw in June. Interner Linkmore

DFG Consolidates the Impetus of its High-Throughput Sequencing Funding Initiative

(20.04.22) The DFG has arrived at a positive interim assessment of its high-throughput sequencing funding initiative and decided to support its further development: after the initiative ends in 2023 funding opportunities for projects with high sequencing requirements will continue to be offered and integrated in the DFG’s established funding portfolio. Permanent funding of such projects has the potential to contribute to Germany’s competitiveness in research. Interner Linkmore

DFG and Niels Birbaumer Settle Legal Dispute

(05.04.22) The legal dispute between the DFG and Tübingen-based brain researcher Professor Dr. Niels Birbaumer has ended. At its meeting on 25 March 2022, the Joint Committee of the DFG approved a draft settlement which has now become effective. With this an earlier decision by the DFG’s Joint Committee which involved sanctions being imposed on Birbaumer for scientific misconduct remains largely intact. Interner Linkmore

Düsseldorf Public Philosophy Project "denXte" Receives Award

(04.04.22) This year, the Communicator Award conferred by the DFG and Stifterverband goes to the public philosophy project denXte and its team of seven researchers. They jointly receive the award worth €50,000 for their captivating yet challenging communication in a subject area that is otherwise rather difficult to access. Interner Linkmore


I. Quarter 2022

DFG to Fund Nine New Research Units

(28.03.22) The DFG is establishing nine new Research Units. This was decided by the DFG Joint Committee on 25 March at the recommendation of the Senate. The new Research Units will receive total funding of approximately €38 million, including a 22-percent programme allowance for indirect project costs. The decision has also been made to extend the funding of seven Research Units for a second period. Interner Linkmore

DFG Establishes Eight New Priority Programmes

(28.03.22) The DFG is establishing eight new Priority Programmes for 2023. This was decided by the DFG Senate at a virtual meeting. In the coming months, the DFG will announce the consortia individually before going on to review the incoming funding proposals in terms of academic quality and their contribution to the overriding theme in each case. Interner Linkmore

DFG Extends Mandate for Commission for Pandemic Research

(25.03.22) The DFG has extended the mandate of the interdisciplinary Commission for Pandemic Research until the end of 2023. The Commission’s work was initially planned to last for two years but is now being extended in view of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the DFG has assessed the specially created programme “COVID-19 Focus Funding” based on accompanying monitoring and presents its initial findings. Interner Linkmore

DFG Sustainability Commission Meets for the First Time

(16.03.22) The DFG is seeking to give due consideration to aspects of sustainability in its actions. The Commission established for this purpose in December 2021 has now met for its first session chaired by President Katja Becker. It is to submit recommendations for sustainable action to the DFG bodies in summer 2023. Interner Linkmore

Awards go to four female researchers and six male researchers

(08.03.22) Four female and six male researchers will receive the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize this year – the top award for early career investigators in Germany. The award-winners were chosen by a selection committee appointed by the DFG and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The prizes are each worth €20,000 and will be presented at an award ceremony on 3 May that will be broadcast via live stream. Interner Linkmore

DFG Takes Steps in Response to Russian Attack on Ukraine

(02.03.22) As a consequence of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the DFG is suspending all of its funded research projects between academics from Germany and Russia with immediate effect. What is more, funding proposals for new collaborative projects and renewal proposals for ongoing projects will not be accepted until further notice. Refugee researchers are to receive support under assistance programmes. Interner Linkmore

Statement on the Russian attack on Ukraine

(25.02.22) The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has issued a statement condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine and expressing solidarity with its Ukrainian partners. In the statement, the organisations say that the Russian invasion threatens fundamental values and also has consequences for academic freedom and cooperation. The DFG is the lead institution within the Alliance for this year. Link auf PDF-DateiTo the Statement


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