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Statements and Information

The Committee on Scientific Instrumentation and the Commission on IT Infrastructure have issued statements or recommendations which might be relevant to a potential proposal. They are divided into general statements and statements which deal with specific instrumentation.

General statements

Information processing at Universities [2016-2020]

Information processing at Universities –
Organisation, services, and systems
Recommendations of the Commission on IT Infrastructure for 2016–2020

European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures [2015]

The European Commission has published a charter for access to research infrastructures that has been developed by ESFRI and Science Europe. Following the „Basic Requirements for Research Infrastructures“ (2011) of the former EuroHORCs and the „Recommendations“ (2010) of ERA-Instruments, this charter defines quality standards and requirements for operators and users of research infrastructures. The recommendations of the charter encompass all kinds of research and information infrastructures and are meant to be useful for any size of institution.

The Committee on Scientific Instrumentation of the DFG welcomes the charter as further step in the efforts of the DFG towards establishing common quality standards in the European Research Area (ERA).

Recommendations for university libraries with local library systems [2014]

Updated version of the recommendations in the programme "Großgeräte der Länder" (AHLB recommendations)

Cloud services – Addendum to Information processing at Universities 2011 - 2015

The DFG's Commission on IT Infrastructure regularly publishes recommendations on the planning and operation of IT infrastructure at universities and university hospitals. The most recent recommendations were published in October 2010 for the period 2011 to 2015. The Commission has now published an addendum relating to the use of cloud services. The members of the Commission considered this subject to be too current and important to wait until the next set of recommendations for the period 2016 to 2020.

New DFG Major Research Instrumentation Programmes 2007-2011: Review and Outlook [2012]

The DFG is involved in several funding schemes focusing on scientific instrumentation at German universities. New programmes were introduced in 2007 in response to a federalism reform in 2006. The report (in German) presents facts and figures after five years of experience with the new funding schemes.

Basic requirements for Research Infrastructures [2011]

This document and the requirements listed herein aim at identifying a minimum quality standard for access to research infrastructures (RIs) at the European level and have been endorsed by the EuroHORCs and within DFG by the Committee on Scientific Instrumentation. The criteria and issues identified in Part I are independent of the size or kind of RI under consideration. Part II contains specific requirements addressing access to instrumentation and access to data bases / repositories.

Perspectives and criteria of networking issues at universities [2011]

The Commission on IT Infrastructure provides a revised version of perspectives and criteria of networking issues at universities. This new version should be considered when concepts for IT networks are developed.

Recommendations for efficient operation and access of mid-size instrumentation in the life sciences (ERA Instruments paper) [2010/2011]

The European project ERA-Instruments (coordinated by DFG) is a network of 16 scientific organisations located in 12 countries that are active in funding research infrastructure for the life sciences, among them ministries, charities and research performing and funding organisations. The results of various discussions between funders, scientific users and managers of life science research infrastructures has led to the publication of recommendations for funding, operation and effective use of leading-edge instrumentation.

The Committee on Scientific Instrumentation of the DFG has approved these recommendations and has encouraged the DFG to continue playing an active role in these discussions on the European level. Special emphasis is given by the Committee to shared use of existing and new instrumentation and to consequent alignment of funding schemes to the actual needs of the scientists.

Statements on specific instrumentation

Recommendations on proposals for surgical robotics systems

At a colloquium, the DFG invited clinic representatives who had previously received a positive DFG recommendation for the acquisition of a surgical robotics system to report on the use of the technology and their participation in multi-centre studies and other data-gathering programmes. In a discussion with representatives from the DFG and other operators of surgical robotics systems, experiences and outcomes were summed up and conclusions were drawn as to the future use of the equipment.

Recommendations on procurements for radiology/neuroradiology at university hospitals [2012]

Regarding  the fundamental importance of Radiology in the field of medical service and research in university hospitals, the board of scientific instrumentation passed recommendations  concerning diagnostic and interventional imaging systems, including  suggestions for an appropriate capacity and investment planing.

Recommendations on “DNA Sequencers” [2012]

Initiated by the Committee on Scientific Instrumentation, the DFG held in November 2011 an experts meeting on instrumentation for DNA-sequencing with special regard to “Next Generation Sequencing" (NGS). The resulting recommendations may serve as guidelines for reviewing and preparing grant proposals for such instrumentation.

Recommendations on use and operation of NMR Spectrometers [2010]

The Committee on Scientific Instrumentation has initiated a round table discussion on the 23. September 2010 in Münster on efficient use and operation of NMR spectrometers. The results are summarized in the following recommendations (currently only available in German).

Guidelines for applications on flow cytometers/ cell sorters [2010]

On occasion of an experts meeting in June 2010, recommendations on boundary conditions for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting devices have been elaborated. The guidelines will be provided to reviewers and should therefore be recognized when preparing a proposal.

Recommendations on procurements for radio therapy at university hospitals [2008]

Given the growing importance of radio therapy in the framework of a comprehensive cancer therapy, the Board for Scientific Instrumentation discussed the nowadays necessary radio therapy instrumentation. Recommendations on procurements for radio therapy are given, taking into account the considerable technological advancements observed on the market as well as the significant costs for such procurements.

Recommendations on proposals for rapid prototyping devices [1998]

This section contains recommendations on submitting applications for rapid prototyping devices.