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Notes and Information

The Committee on Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology (WGI) and its predecessor bodies (the Committee on Scientific Instrumentation and the Commission on IT Infrastructure) have issued notes and recommendations that may be relevant when submitting a proposal. These relate partly to specific types of instrumentation and partly to instrumentation categories. The notes on specific types of instrumentation are preceded by general information. The notes should be referred to when submitting and reviewing relevant DFG proposals.

General Information

Funding for Major Instrumentation - Developments from 2007 to 2017 [2018]

The reform of the federal system in 2006 and the ensuing end of the University Construction Act saw the rearrangement of major instrumentation programmes for universities. They were devised as a result of Articles 91b and 143c of the Basic Law, which cover the joint responsibilities of federal and state governments and financial compensation. This report provides information about the development of the major instrumentation programmes up until 2017.

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European and International Discussions on Research Infrastructures

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) is a joint discussion forum of European member countries, which is supported by the European Commission. Since 2006, ESFRI has been publishing the ESFRI roadmaps, which describe developments relating to research infrastructure at European level.

The DFG participates in the ESFRI discussions and also maintains contact with other European and international funding and research organisations, for example within the framework of Science Europe and the Global Science Forum of the OECD.

In 2010/2011, a series of recommendations were drawn up in cooperation with European partners.

For the life sciences, the recommendations particularly emphasise promoting the shared use of research infrastructure and adapting funding programmes to the needs of researchers and core facilities.

The "Basic Requirements" define general quality standards and requirements applicable to research infrastructures and users.

Usage Costs in DFG Projects

In its funding programmes, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) can cover usage costs for major instrumentation and core facilities that arise as a result of project-specific additional needs. For frequently used instrumentation classes there are fixed usage amounts that define the upper limits up to which usage costs can be funded by the DFG. The current list of these amounts and notes on terms of use can be found in guidelines 55.04.

Notes on Specific Instrumentation Categories

Notes on Proposals for Data Management and Monitoring Systems in Medicine

These notes provide additional information on submitting proposals for the acquisition of data management and monitoring systems in medicine as well as associated networked equipment and systems.

Information Processing at Universities [2016–2020]

Information Processing at Universities –
Organisation, Services and Systems
Statement of the Commission on IT Infrastructure for 2016–2020

Notes on Networking Projects at Universities and University Hospitals

The notes on networking serve to structure the establishment and expansion of networks and accompanying services in a way appropriate to universities and university hospitals.

Notes on Scientific Equipment for University Nuclear Medicine

The notes on nuclear medicine describe both the modern equipment of a university nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy centre and typical applications in preclinical and clinical research and clinical care.

Perspectives and criteria of networking issues at universities [2011]

The Commission on IT Infrastructure provides a revised version of perspectives and criteria of networking issues at universities. This new version should be considered when concepts for IT networks are developed.

Notes on Proposals for and Operation of Electron Microscopes

These notes explain the modern basic requirements for the procurement and operation of electron microscopes.

Notes on Proposals for and Operation of High-Throughput Sequencers

These notes explain the modern basic requirements for the procurement and operation of high-throughput sequencers.

Notes on Proposals for Mass Spectrometers in the Biosciences

As a basic requirement for proposals for mass spectrometers, evidence must be provided of a professional operating and usage concept. These notes describe the basic conditions under which mass spectrometers should be operated in the biosciences at universities.

Recommendations on Patient Data Documentation and Patient Monitoring Systems for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (PDMS and Monitoring)

In the area of network integration there is growing demand for solutions that integrate additional clinical applications in a multiservice data network through an existing IT network in the hospital. This results in the linking of administrative, documentation, monitoring and therapy functions, for which clear usage and rights management arrangements must be agreed.

The items below are intended to assist university hospitals with the preparation of proposals in terms of content and organisation before applying for federal state funding for the implementation of patient data management and patient monitoring systems.

Notes on Equipment for Radiological/Neuroradiological University Hospitals

Given the central importance of radiology in both medical care and research at university hospitals, the notes contain recommendations on imaging systems for radiological diagnostics and intervention, with reference to appropriate capacity and investment planning.

Notes on the Usage and Operation of NMR Spectrometers

At the suggestion of the DFG Committee on Scientific Instrumentation, a roundtable discussion was held in Münster on 23 September on the centralisation and usage costs of NMR spectrometers in NMR service departments. The results of the expert discussion were debated by the committee and on this basis, notes and recommendations were drawn up on the usage and operation of NMR spectrometers.

Notes on Proposals for Flow Cytometers and Cell Sorters

These notes explain the modern basic conditions required for the usage and operation of flow cytometers and cell sorters.

Further Information

A list of DFG publications is available under