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State Major Instrumentation

Purpose of Funding

Under this programme, major instrumentation is procured for German universities and university clinics and financed by the states/universities. The DFG is commissioned by the states to review proposals for major instruments that are to be used for research, teaching and training, or for medical care. The funds can serve this purpose either directly or indirectly. Thus, major instrumentation also includes IT systems for computing centres, university libraries, and administrative systems at universities and clinics.

Eligibility Requirements

1. German public universities and university hospitals are eligible to apply.

2. Proposals for major instrumentation, which can be submitted at any time, are sent to the DFG by the state/university in accordance with the respective state guidelines. The state and/or university must guarantee financing.

3. Instrumentation must exceed €200,000 for universities and €100,000 for all other higher education institutions. The thresholds applicable in Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein and Saarland are €125,000 for universities and €75,000 for all other higher education institutions.

Instrumentation Proposal Criteria

1. Major instrumentation is the sum of the components, including accessories, that form an operational unit for the intended application. A clear relationship should exist between the base unit (including software) and its accessories – which can include methodological and measurement-related expansions or supplements that are not directly required for operation. Building measures are not considered part of the equipment.

2. Proposals for upgrades or supplements will be reviewed if the individual items exceed the minimum limits.

3. Overall concepts for IT will be considered if they include specific purchasing measures.

4. Proposals for individual workplace PCs will be considered.

Further Information

Please refer to the following for more information (available in German only)