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DFG funding for open access

In principle, the DFG supports all open access routes. The presented benefit of this publishing method for the respective scientific context is decisive for DFG funding. The DFG does not see open access as an end in itself, instead it supports it in its research-friendly manifestations to promote the communication of science.

With the "Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Science Communication" funding programme, the DFG addresses the changes in the framework conditions for science communication. This communication is increasingly characterised by freely available online publications that are as widely usable as possible and enhanced and contextualised using various other pieces of information, e.g. audio and sound files, research data or social media. As part of this programme, proposals can also be submitted to establish and develop open-access journals (the "golden road") and open-access repositories (the "green road" of open access).

The funding aims to develop convenient services and infrastructures for producing, distributing and using open-access scientific publications. This not only gives projects a dedicated core subject area, it also allows for the development of general and interdisciplinary infrastructures for electronic publications. Projects that support transformation in open access by testing and implementing innovative approaches towards the technology, organisation or business models behind science communication in the digital sphere are explicitly encouraged. Examples might include the linking of articles to research data, the trialling of open peer review or the transformation of subscription-only journals into open-access publications. Funding is allocated solely to projects that support the self-organisation of the communities in science communication or that contribute information on and promote awareness of open access.

Through the Open Access Publishing Programme, the DFG helps universities to set up publication funds, which can be used to pay the fees required to publish articles in open-access journals. The aim is to promote sustainable and reliable structures for the funding of open-access publications. The programme is currently undergoing evaluation. A commission of the AWBI was appointed for this purpose: