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Guidance for projects for the digitisation and indexing of printed material published in the 18th century in the German-speaking areas (VD 18)

VD 18 represents the continuation of the national bibliographic projects “Catalogue of Printed Material Published in the 16th Century in the German-Speaking Areas” (VD 16) and “Catalogue of Printed Material Published in the 17th Century in the German-Speaking Areas” (VD 17). However, VD 18 differs from both of these in that the national bibliographic undertaking integrates cataloguing and digitisation.

Projects for the indexing and digitisation of printed material published in the 18th century in the German-speaking areas (VD 18) can be proposed under the funding programme “Indexing and Digitisation” (Guidelines 12.15). The programme’s framework conditions apply, and cooperation and consultation with all libraries involved in VD 18 are a requirement. In addition, the following must be observed:

  • The coordinating institution for VD 18, the Lower Saxony State and University Library (SUB) Göttingen, in collaboration with the centralised network of the Common Library Network (VZG) and the other centralised networks and the Journal Database (ZDB), will allocate specific titles and journal volumes to the interested libraries. These allocations will form the basis of the proposals.
  • The average page price for monographs determined in the pilot phase of VD 18 is €0.54 (cataloguing, digitisation, generation of structural data, publication online). For journals (with a basic set of structural data), an average page price of €0.35 applies. Applications can be made to the DFG for two-thirds of these average page prices.
  • The figure determined as an average price for monographs is deemed to be a binding reference value. Only in justified exceptional cases (e.g. special collection primarily consisting of smaller items or a large number of fold-out maps and fold-out plates) can the demonstrable additional work involved lead to the need for funding in excess of the average price, which – if appropriately justified – can be applied for.
  • It is also possible to obtain funding just for the cataloguing of monographs that are already present in completely digitised form through the private-public partnership between the Bavarian State Library (BSB) and Google. An average price of €20 was determined for the cataloguing of a title. Libraries that are likewise in possession of the relevant works can apply for two-thirds of this amount per monograph for cataloguing.
  • In relation to the cataloguing of monographs and journals, the cataloguing and set-processing guidelines established in the pilot phase apply in addition to the current rules for the cataloguing of old printed material in the various library networks.
  • When assigning structural data, the minimum standard agreed by the VD 18 pilot libraries applies based on the structural data terminology of the DFG viewer.
  • For journals, the agreed basic set of structural data (such as title page, table of contents, index, pagination) applies.
  • According to the current DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation (DFG form 12.151), the digitised content must comply with the METS/MODS application profile and be made accessible via an OAI interface.
  • In the preparation of a proposal, the average numbers of pages determined by the pilot libraries serve as a guide when calculating the work involved: for monographs and works consisting of several volumes, an average of 130 pages per title was determined, and for journals an average of 280 pages per volume. These average numbers of pages may prove to be higher or lower, in particular in the case of unique items. The proposal should demonstrate how the number of pages on which the calculation was based was arrived at. Furthermore, in the pilot phase an average cataloguing performance for monographs of 12 title listings per day and person was determined.

To determine potential processing volumes of monographs and journal volumes for your library, prior to submitting the proposal please contact:

DFG programme contact:

  • Kathrin Kessen
    Scientific Library Services and Information Systems
    53170 Bonn, Germany
    Tel.: +49 228 885 -2094
    E-mail: Kathrin.Kessen@dfg.de
  • Ulrike Hintze
    Scientific Library Services and Information Systems
    53170 Bonn, Germany
    Tel.: +49 228 885 -2399
    E-mail: Ulrike.Hintze@dfg.de