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Call for Proposal "Research Software Sustainability"

In every phase of scientific work, many disciplines use research software, for example to generate, process, analyse and visualise research data. In this sense, the term “research software” refers to the software applications and software libraries specially created for scientific knowledge gain.

Some of the research software that emerges from scientific projects has enormous potential for broad-based use that goes far beyond its original use in a single research project. Wherever this is the case, there may arise a transinstitutional, (usually) discipline-specific, but no longer project-specific need for user-oriented further development, maintenance, curation, emulation, dissemination and archiving of this research software.

The objective of this call for proposals is the building and testing of infrastructures in order to make research software available and provide it in a sustainable manner to a larger audience. As best-practice examples, projects should have a positive impact on research-software development and on infrastructure facilities.

In order to make research software usable, necessary adaptations, user-oriented further developments, and quality assurance of the research software itself are also eligible for funding. The aim here is to improve the usability of software in line with discipline-specific requirements.

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