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Information on the call for “Digitisation of historic newspapers in the German-speaking areas”

The objective of this call for proposals is to bring about a coordinated and significant increase in the number of digitised newspapers and a central research reference. The aim is to achieve a representative cross-section of newspaper records in Germany reflecting historical diversity. Both original newspapers and microfilmed newspapers are required as digitisation templates to make materials relevant for research available to the various scientific disciplines, respond to existing demand from the research community and provide a relatively fast and cost-effective entry into large-scale and structured digitisation. In this context, the quality of the template is essential and should be given due consideration in digitisation projects.

Digitisation based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is eligible for funding. A sample of the material to be processed in the project, which can be used to demonstrate the character recognition rate to be achieved and estimate the project costs for full text generation, should be submitted with the proposal documents. Digitisation projects without OCR can be funded only in exceptional cases that have been duly substantiated.

It is noted that only digitisation of verified and indexed materials already in the Journal Database (Zeitschriftendatenbank - ZDB) can be funded. The intention to digitise the material must be entered in the ZDB.

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