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Funding Programme "Licences for Digital Content"

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Through the Licences for Digital Content funding programme, the DFG enables libraries, by means of nationwide contracts, to implement and test innovative licensing models and approaches to bundling licensing activities in electronic media acquisition that may be reused in other negotiation contexts.

The purpose of the funding is to improve licensing standards in the interests of research. The DFG funds 25% of the final price of a product. Digital content licences in their current form (‘Alliance licences’) have been funded since 2010. They replaced the national licences which were wholly funded by the DFG.


The “Licences for Digital Content” programme was discontinued at the end of 2020.

No new proposals can be submitted. Renewal proposals for projects which currently receive funding can still be submitted for a maximum funding period of six years.

Products for which a funding proposal is submitted must satisfy the guidelines for the purchase of DFG-funded licences (form 12.181). In addition to the proposal, a data sheet must be submitted for each requested product (form 12.182).

Proposals are accepted up to 5 May of each year.

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