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Facts and Figures & Other Information

Foreign Allowances

It is essential that fellowship holders of an RTG, who travel for up to 30 days, adhere to the university regulations governing travel expenses when invoicing for travel expenses. In the event of fellowship holders spending longer than 30 days abroad, they will receive a flat-rate foreign allowance in addition to their fellowship and the cost of their travel and flights, instead of being reimbursed in accordance with the respective regulations governing travel expenses. This foreign allowance is regularly adjusted.

This ruling relating to DFG foreign allowances does not apply to employees.

Research Training Groups – A Long History of Success

A model that has seen over 25 years of success: the DFG's first Research Training Groups began their work in September 1990. A brochure published to mark the programme's 20th anniversary highlights their successful history. The brochure showcases projects and gives first-hand accounts of the research conducted.

The RISE (Research Internship in Science and Engineering) Programme

Doctoral researchers participating in a Research Training Group or a Collaborative Research Centre in the natural sciences or engineering can invite and supervise their “own” research fellows from the USA.

Compatibility of Family & Career

Equal opportunities and the chance to combine an academic career with raising a family are not mere buzzwords for the DFG. The DFG promotes equal opportunities for women wishing to pursue a research career in a number of different ways.

German National Academic Foundation Doctoral Forums

Under an agreement between the DFG and the German National Academic Foundation, doctoral researchers in Research Training Groups are able to participate in the German National Academic Foundation doctoral forums in a variety of research areas (literature, history, society, nature and science).