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Foreign Allowances for Fellowship Holders in Research Training Groups

Fellowship holders of a Research Training Group, who travel for longer than 30 days abroad, can receive funding in the form of flat-rate foreign allowances paid from the RTG's financial resources, in addition to their fellowships and any travel and flight costs incurred (refer also to DFG-form 2.22 "Usage guidelines for Research Training Groups with instructions for the final report and regulations governing good scientific practice"). The foreign allowances are calculated on the basis of the regulations laid out in the Federal Civil Service Remuneration Act .

An additional cost of living allowance is granted for a number of destinations, which is adapted to current exchange rate fluctuations.

Due to possible changes in foreign allowances and cost of living allowances, please calculate the amounts immediately prior to travel and document the date and the amounts accordingly.

Foreign Allowance Calculator

You can calculate the level of your foreign allowance per month and/or per day here.

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