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Information about applications

Basic conditions

The following requirements must be satisfied before an application can be submitted for a transfer project:

  • Transfer projects must be based on results which were obtained in DFG-funded research projects or which are closely linked with ongoing projects.
  • The core of a transfer project is a joint work programme involving an academic and a non-academic partner (application partner), which describes the specific roles of each participant (including distribution of working hours). The work programme should demonstrate an adequate contribution on the part of the non-academic partner, particularly with respect to content and staffing.
  • The transfer project is based on a cooperation agreement which defines the legal framework, mainly with regard to publications and rights to the achieved outcomes. This agreement must be approved by the DFG and signed by both partners before an application is submitted.

A sample agreement for commercial and non-commercial partners is available in the "Forms and guidelines" area.

Further Information


Please send general enquiries about funding for transfer projects to: