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Information for Reviewers, Members of Statutory Bodies and DFG Liaison Officers

Informationen for reviewers, committee members and Liaison officers of the DFG

To successfully promote equal opportunity throughout the DFG’s consultation and decision-making process requires the cooperation of all researchers who work for the DFG.

There is no room for non-scientific criteria in the review process. However, appropriate consideration can and should be given to personal factors affecting an applicant. For example, appropriate allowance should be made for longer qualification phases, publication gaps or reduced periods abroad, which are often due to childcare or caring for a family member.

The Emmy Noether Programme, the only programme in the DFG’s funding portfolio that is still subject to fixed periods, provides for disadvantage compensation in the case of applicants with family obligations: periods of childcare within the fixed period for submitting a proposal are credited to female researchers at a general rate of two years per child and to male researchers at a general rate of one year per child under the age of 12. If evidence is submitted of childcare exceeding one year, researchers can extend the period by up to two years per child. The maximum possible period extension due to childcare is limited to six years. Detailed information on the scientific evaluation of funding proposals is to be found in the “Guidelines for the Review” under “IV. Diversity and Equal Opportunities in the Research System”.

Fixed-rate Allowance for Childcare Costs

Researchers with children who perform board or review work for the DFG can claim a fixed-rate childcare allowance of €60 per day as part of their travel expenses claim.


Here you can find the appropriate contacts at the DFG Head Office for various types of enquiry: