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The DFG-Toolbox is an online information system that presents selected real-life examples of gender equality measures within the research community in Germany. The examples illustrate the possible breadth of measures and provide ideas which users can apply in their own working environments. The models in the toolbox are selected in a quality-assured process – both to ensure that the chosen examples are of high quality and sufficient diversity and to prevent duplication. The database has been developed in the context of the DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality – an initiative which the General Assembly of the DFG adopted in 2008 as a voluntary commitment to implement structural and personnel standards on gender equality and to significantly increase the proportion of women at all career levels in the German research system.

The real-life examples in the toolbox are selected in a quality-assured process to ensure that they are of high quality and thematically varied. The toolbox gives users ideas and inspiration for their own work as well as the option of submitting measures of their own for inclusion in the database.