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Research Landscape in Germany

To provide a useful and detailed overview of research in Germany, the DFG (sometimes in partnership with other German research organisations) maintains a number of databases. Researchers abroad can use these databases to find out which institutions in Germany are engaged in what kind of research and thus identify potential cooperation partners.

Research in Germany

Research in Germany provides an overview of German research and research funding. It informs foreign researchers about funding and career opportunities in Germany and helps them prepare for a research visit to Germany.

Research Explorer - The German Research Directory

The Research Explorer contains information on over 23,000 institutes at German universities and non-university research institutions, searchable by geographic location, subject and other structural criteria.

GEPRIS – German Project Information System

GEPRIS is an online database that contains information about ongoing and completed research projects funded by the DFG.

Funding Atlas

The DFG Funding Atlas presents key indicators relating to publicly funded research in Germany.

RIsources – Research Infrastructure Portal

RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure) is an information portal provided by the DFG on scientific research infrastructures.