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Polish-German Collaboration on Joint Projects in Physical, Life and Engineering Sciences

This year’s joint NCN-DFG call for proposals in life sciences, physical sciences and engineering will be administered in accordance with the principles of the lead agency procedure (OPUS LAP). The NCN will act as lead agency.

This initiative covers the subject areas of DFG review boards/Fachkollegien 201–207, 307–318, 321–327, 401–410 and NCN panels ST1–ST10 and NZ1–NZ9.
(Proposals in social sciences and the humanities as well as proposals in subject 317-02 with a clear humanities and social sciences focus must be submitted to Beethoven CLASSIC 4.)

Please follow the guidelines published by the NCN regarding proposal preparation instructions (now available in English)

Additional Information for German researchers

Funding modules available for German project partners
German project partners request their funding from the DFG. This call is embedded in the DFG’s individual grants programme (Sachbeihilfe). All funding modules from this programme are available to German researchers. Project duration of this call is 24 or 36 month. The funds requested from the DFG need to be submitted to the NCN in the OPUS LAP budget table, which will become available during submission to NCN. Further, the funds must be entered into elan, the DFG’s electronic proposal processing system.

Roles of participating researchers
On the German side, only one applicant/principal investigator (PI) is eligible per proposal. Other German researchers can collaborate with the PI but will not receive funding from the DFG. Co-applicants (Mitverantwortliche) can be indicated in elan and in the OPUS LAP proposal.
Please note that the “Duty to Cooperate” (DFG form 55.01) applies to this call, so researchers who must comply with these regulations are not eligible as PI in the present call.

Substantially revised versions of proposals rejected in former joint calls (Beethoven) as well as follow-up proposals from earlier joint calls may be submitted.

Proposal submission to the DFG
In parallel to submitting the proposal to NCN, the German project partner is required to submit the following information and documents to the DFG via the electronic proposal submission system elan.

Documents required:

  • CV of the German applicant with a maximum of 10 most important publications
  • Copy of the OPUS LAP budget table as pdf-document, as submitted to NCN
  • Complete OPUS LAP proposal in English (pdf-document can be generated in ZSUN/OSF after submission to NCN)

Submission instructions:

  1. Registration: If you are using the elan system for the first time, please note that you need to register yourself and your institutional addresses before you are able to submit a proposal. Also, if you are planning to move to a different institution, you need to register the new institution’s address beforehand. Please make sure that you start your registration no later than December 5, 2020. The registration requests are handled manually by the DFG staff.
  2. Submission: In your elan account go to “Proposal Submission”, “New Project/Draft Proposal”.
    Select “Individual Grants Programme”, “Start online form”, “Continue”. On the next page, select “NCN-DFG OPUS LAP 2021” from “Call for Proposals” drop down menu and proceed with entering the requested information. The English title and the proposal acronym (if applicable) must be identical with the title and acronym submitted to NCN.
    Please follow the instructions in the online form and enter the required information on the next pages.
    Section “Applicants”: On the German side, only one applicant is permitted. Additional participating individuals working in Germany may be added as co-applicant (Mitverantwortliche), but will not receive any funds from this project. The Polish PI has to be included as collaboration partner. No further collaboration partners in Germany may be registered.
    Section “Attach Documents”: Please upload the OPUS LAP proposal as “Project Description”. The OPUS LAP budget table should be uploaded as “other attachments”.
  3. The Deadline for the proposal submission to the lead agency NCN via ZSUN/OSF is
    15 December 2020, 4 pm.

    The Deadline for submitting your proposal to DFG via elan is
    17 December 2020, 4 pm.

Further Information

Beethoven CLASSIC 4

NCN privacy policy

DFG privacy policy

DFG Duty to Cooperate 

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