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FAQ: Proposals under the Emmy Noether AI Call

I work in the application field XY and adapt AI procedures (frequently machine learning) for my research activities. Does this adaptation meet the call requirements?

Your own contributions to the further development of AI methods should be the main focus of the planned activities. Our expectation is that the findings on methods will flow back into the general pool of research in the field of artificial intelligence (through publications in corresponding high-quality outlets). Proposals whose findings focus on the use of AI methods are therefore unlikely to achieve a high funding priority under this call.

I conduct research into AI methods, but am not a computer scientist. Can I submit a proposal?

Yes, proposals from all areas of science and the humanities are welcome and eligible. The only decisive aspect is that the methodological contribution to AI research is the focus of the planned work. It is also expected that the findings on methods will flow back into the general pool of research in the field of artificial intelligence (through publications in corresponding outlets).

My doctorate was awarded less than the two years ago stipulated in the call, or the two years will only be reached during the review session. Am I entitled to submit a proposal?

A period of two years must have elapsed between receiving your doctorate and the commencement of funding, so earlier submission is possible. Submitting a proposal at such an early stage would only be advisable, however, if you are nevertheless in a position to present high-quality publications.

I was awarded my doctorate over four years ago and cannot provide evidence of parental leave or care periods. Can I still submit a proposal?

The pandemic has resulted in three-month extensions to the proposal deadlines ending before 30 April 2021 (see Interner Linkwww.dfg.de/emmy_noether). Please note, that further extension to the eligibility period may apply due to the pandemic. Please check Interner Linkwww.dfg.de/emmy_noether for further information. You are welcome to speak with one of our members of staff in the DFG Head Office to clarify whether there are any circumstances that would justify an extension to the four-year term with respect to the pandemic or otherwise.

Extensions can only be granted up to a maximum of the submission deadline stated in the call. It is generally no longer possible to submit a proposal in the framework of the call after that.

What is the difference between a proposal under the call and a regular Emmy Noether proposal?

The respective board of elected reviewers (generally the one dealing with the subject area in which the proposal was submitted) will make a comparative evaluation of a regular Emmy Noether proposal without a prior draft proposal stage. The comparative evaluation of proposals under the call, on the contrary, is conducted by academics specialising in all fields of AI research and relevant designated members of various boards of elected reviewers. Separate funds are available under the call, but conformity with the call specifications is an additional criterion in assessing funding eligibility.