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Information for Reviewers and Committee Members

What is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic?

The DFG's funding decisions rely on the hard work and commitment of volunteers. Current restrictions on contact are changing the usual procedures involving face-to-face meetings.

The DFG is therefore using digital procedures to reach decisions. So far this has worked very smoothly, also thanks to the patience of the members of all committees and groups.

This commitment ensures the quality of the review process and the decisions made and maintains competitive selection under comparable conditions.

Review meetings and other meetings

At the beginning of March, the DFG announced in a press release that precautionary measures would apply to review sessions and other meetings. In the case of reviews, evaluations by review boards and decisions by the relevant committees, written procedures supported by video conferences or teleconferences are possible.

If you have any questions about a review session or other meeting, please get in touch with your DFG programme contact:

Collaborative Research Centres

For cancelled on-site evaluations for current CRC proposals a written review process has been initiated. This is expected to result in decisions in November 2020 and will be accompanied by bridging measures. 

Inaugural meetings of DFG review boards held

The review boards elected in fall 2019 have all held their inaugural meetings. In compliance with the contact restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, the review boards were able to complete this process by 16 July 2020. They are now set to take up their important role in the DFG’s review and decision-making processes.