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Information for Applicants and Funding Recipients

Coronavirus pandemic: special arrangements and options

If you intend to submit a proposal to the DFG, you may be hesitating due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you work in a DFG-funded project, the crisis may be affecting your plans. Or if you lead a DFG-funded project, you may be concerned about the allocation and use of funds.

Here you will find information on DFG research funding during the coronavirus pandemic, brought together in one place. This page will be updated whenever new information is available.

Although the programme contacts at the DFG Head Office are working from home, you can still get in touch with them. All team members are working hard to keep funding activities functioning as normally as possible. However, should there be any delays, we ask for your patience.

Financial impacts on project work

In a letter on 17 March 2020, the DFG addressed the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on project work. On 20 May it announced a package of measures approved by the Joint Committee. As a result of these measures, additional funds are now available in a range of funding programmes to allow research that cannot be carried out in line with the planned method and productivity due to the current situation to be continued and successfully completed.

Note: The DFG guidelines for the use of funding allow some flexibility in the use of approved funds.

Bridge funding

For proposals that cannot be reviewed, the DFG has made the following arrangements.

Proposals for Collaborative Research Centres

Collaborative Research Centres whose proposals with a funding start date of 1 July 2020 could not be reviewed on site will receive

  • bridge funding for the period 1 July to year end amounting to the funding amount for the first half of 2020 for renewal proposals
  • compensatory funding for this period to continue setting up the CRC and consolidating the group of prospective project leaders and staff amounting to 25% of the amount requested for the second half of 2020 for establishment proposals

Renewal proposals for Research Units

If a review is not possible, it can be postponed for up to six months. In this case, bridge funding is available and this will be offset against a later award.

Renewal proposals in Priority Programmes

If a review is not possible, it can be postponed for up to six months. In this case, bridge funding is available and this will be offset against a later award.

Extended deadlines for DFG calls and programmes

In view of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on research activities, the DFG has extended the submission deadline for several of its current calls for proposals and programmes. Further deadline extensions will be introduced if necessary. Researchers can find regular updates under the information on the relevant call and under the respective programmes.

The deadlines for the following programmes have also been extended:

In the Emmy Noether Programme

The DFG is extending the individual eligibility period for proposal submission within the Emmy Noether Programme by three months for prospective applicants who would otherwise only be eligible to apply by the end of 2020. Note that the rules on calculating the eligibility period, as outlined in the programme’s frequently asked questions, remain unaffected.


In a letter on 20 March 2020, the DFG addressed fellowships.

For research career support

Further Informationen for research career you can find: 

Video Statement by DFG President Katja Becker: Support During the Current Crisis (in German)

Postponed events

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize

The award ceremony for the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prizes, which was to be held on 16 March in Berlin with guests representing academia, politics and society, has been postponed; a new date will be announced in due course, with adequate notice.

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize

The award ceremony for the 2020 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizes, originally scheduled for 5 May in Berlin, is also postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.