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Information for Researchers No. 64 | 21 July 2021
National Research Data Infrastructure: Funding of Basic Service Consortia

Supplement to the call for proposals

In November 2018, the Federal Government and the federal states decided to establish a National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). In the NFDI, data resources are to be systematically indexed, secured in the long term and made accessible across disciplinary and national borders in accordance with the FAIR principles. Based on a process driven by the academic community, the NFDI is being established as a networked structure of consortia acting on their own initiative. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is responsible for the selection, review and evaluation process of NFDI consortia proposals in setting up the NFDI. In addition to subject-oriented and methodological consortia, basic services that supply basic infrastructures – potentially for all consortia – and ensure interoperability on a permanent basis are also highly relevant as part of this networked structure.

The constitutive role of basic services in the development of the NFDI was already emphasised in the third round of the NFDI call for proposals (DFG Information for Researchers No. 37). According to the NFDI Expert Committee appointed by the DFG, the NFDI conference on 8 July 2021 clearly established that the integration of basic services can only be achieved through a complex, longer-term process of needs-based, participatory development. In the light of insights gained at the NFDI conference the NFDI Expert Committee has decided on an important change to proposal submission for basic service consortia in order for basic services to maximise the benefits they are able to offer consortia and to ensure successful integration. The third NFDI conference has clearly demonstrated the indispensable need for profound coordination and negotiation processes between the subject-oriented consortia and initiatives for basic service consortia during an extended submission prepatory phase. The NFDI Directorate will support this negotiation process.

The extended preparatory phase also means that the deadline for the submission of proposals for basic service consortia has now been extended. They are now to be submitted at a later date. The further schedule for proposal submission and the review of basic service consortia is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2022.

A statement issued by the NFDI Expert Committee regarding the separation of proposal submission for basic service consortia from the current schedule for the third round of the NFDI call for proposals can be found in the document linked below. This document also provides further guidance on how to submit a proposal for a basic service consortium.

Further Information

DFG Information for Researchers No. 37: National Research Data Infrastructure: Funding of consortia – Call for Proposals 2021 (3rd round of the call for proposals):

Statement by the NFDI Expert Committee on the preparation and submission of proposals for basic service consor-tia in connection with the NFDI:

If you have any questions about proposal submission or the overall process, please contact:

  • Tel. +49 228 885-3500

Alternatively, you are welcome to send us your questions by e-mail:


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