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Information for Researchers No. 30 | 25 May 2020
Second NFDI Conference 2020 as Webinar

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is inviting abstracts for participation in the second conference on Germany’s national research data infrastructure (NFDI). The NFDI is being established as a cooperative network of consortia in three selection rounds held over a period of three consecutive years (2019 to 2021). In each round, new consortia can be added to the NFDI in a research-driven process. The second conference will be held as a webinar on 8-9 July 2020.

The NFDI conference has three aims. First, the DFG would like to provide representatives of prospective consortia with information about the NFDI, its overall aims and key points relating to proposal submission. Second, it will enable all consortia, regardless of their stage of planning or approval, to network with one another. Third, the director of the newly established NFDI Directorate, Professor Dr. York Sure-Vetter, will introduce himself during the conference. The Directorate will support self-organisation and networking between the consortia in relation to cross-consortium services, services relevant to particular disciplines or to data, and other topics.

It is not obligatory to attend the conference in order to later submit a proposal. However, in view of the important networking opportunity it provides, active participation is strongly recommended. Consortia that are currently recommended for funding (from the 2019 round) are therefore expected to attend.

Requirements for Participation

All representatives of consortia regardless of their stage of planning or approval are requested to submit an abstract by 17 June 2020. The abstract is a requirement for active participation in this year's conference, which includes a presentation of the (prospective) consortium. One person must therefore be designated in advance to present the (prospective) consortium and answer questions in a webinar format. Abstracts must be submitted by e-mail to nfdi@dfg.de. In addition to the main formal details, the abstract should contain information about user requirements and the objectives of the (prospective) consortium. A template for abstracts will be published on the DFG NFDI website. The abstract is intended solely as preparation for the NFDI conference. It is non-binding with regard to any later proposal and review and should reflect the status of discussions and planning prior to the conference. Abstracts will be made available on the DFG website in advance for conference preparation.

It is anticipated that other individuals who are interested in developing the NFDI will be able to attend. More information on this and on registration will be published on the DFG NFDI website in due course.

Conference Format

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's conference will be held as a webinar. Details for logging in to the webinar and all other information will be sent with the conference invitation.

Further Information

Please note that the conference language is German.

Please use the following template to prepare your abstract:

For more information about the NFDI conference, visit:

For more information about the call, visit:

If you have any questions about the conference, submitting a proposal or the review and decision process, please contact us at the following number:

  • Phone +49 228 885-3500

Alternatively, and for more complex inquiries, please send us an e-mail:


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