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Information for Researchers No. 69 | 18 December 2013
DFG web portal on scientific research infrastructures goes live

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has launched a new web portal called RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure) at http://risources.dfg.de. In a compact format, the portal provides currently information on national scientific research infrastructures which offer resources and services to researchers. The term 'research infrastructures' includes dedicated equipment and scientific services as well as information infrastructures such as libraries, data repositories and scientific collections.

RIsources includes scientific research infrastructures which:

  • offer recognised, established scientific and technological facilities or services
  • permit free access or regulate access through a transparent selection process based on scientific quality and project feasibility
  • are managed according to sustainable principles and have a long-term operation perspective

The RIsources portal is designed to help researchers use available resources more effectively, facilitate access to technologies and services, and open up access to specialist sources of information. For the providers of these resources, the DFG hopes to achieve better visibility and in the medium term more effective usage of these infrastructures, which are often costly and complex to run. The portal also aims at providing an overview of research infrastructures at German academic institutions.

The database is being expanded with the help of providers of existing information resources.

Further Information

The DFG information portal RIsources can be accessed at the URL below:

Research infrastructures wishing to be included in the portal can register with the DFG at any time. The DFG will check registrations against the criteria above and then decide whether they can be included or not.

The registration form can be found at:

DFG guidelines on requirements for research infrastructures:

Contact at DFG Head Office:

If you would like your research infrastructure to be added to the database, please contact:

  • Dr. Johannes Janssen,
    DFG, Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology Division,
    53170 Bonn,
    Tel. +49228885-2430,
  • Dr. Stefan Winkler-Nees,
    DFG, Scientific Library Services and Information Systems,
    53170 Bonn,
    Tel. +49228885-2212,

For technical questions or comments about the RIsources portal please contact: