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Information for Researchers No. 19 | 13 May 2013
Information Infrastructures for Research Data

DFG Establishes a New Funding Programme

Quality-assured research data are one of the cornerstones of scientific knowledge. Ensuring their long-term availability, processability and reusability are important aspects of science policy which are supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation). Through its new funding programme, Information Infrastructures for Research Data, the DFG is making an important contribution to ensuring the availability, archiving and reusability of research data. The programme is designed to help identify and implement specific and needs-oriented requirements for future structures, or structures undergoing further development, for the improved handling of research data and research data repositories. Funding is available for projects that develop concepts and solutions for transregional and sustainable information infrastructures for research data in one or more disciplines. Projects to further develop existing infrastructures, for example to link them into international infrastructures, are also eligible for support.

To ensure acceptance of the proposed structures, close collaboration between representatives of research disciplines and infrastructure institutions with documented expertise in the storage and provision of scientific data is considered essential. The structures are expected to be interoperable with existing national and international networks, which will require appropriate compliance with established data collection and archiving standards. The structures should also contribute to the further integration of research data management in the research work and training of early career researchers.

Depending on the current state of development and other circumstances specific to each discipline, project proposals may be conceptual approaches to suitable forms of organisation, incentive systems or publication opportunities for research data, or the professionalisation or networking of existing research data repositories. Funding will not be available to technically upgrade existing systems.

Proposals can be submitted at any time. Eligible proposals will be reviewed in an interdisciplinary comparative review in March and September of each year.

Further Information

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