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Information for Researchers No. 27 | 20 June 2011
Priority Programme “THYROID TRANS ACT – Translation of Thyroid Hormone Actions beyond Classical Concepts” (SPP 1629)

The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has announced the initiation of a new Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm, SPP) entitled “THYROID TRANS ACT”. The programme is designed to run for six years, and this is the call for the first three-year funding period. The Priority Programme intends to answer the central question: What defines healthy and diseased thyroid function?

To this aim, THYROID TRANS ACT will decipher the actions of thyroid hormones (TH) comprising T4 and T3 and novel, endogenous thyroid hormone derivatives such as T2 and thyronamines (from “T4-T0”).

In a translational approach THYROID TRANS ACT will investigate (1) classical and non-classical TH action and TH transporters, (2) thyronamines and their receptors, and (3) the interrelatedness of “T4-T0” in target tissues. The programme aims at unravelling consequences of disturbed TH signalling with the long term goal to prevent and target TH dependent disease.

THYROID TRANS ACT intends to include projects covering the following topics:

  • determination of physiological values and definition of modes of activation, inactivation and regulation of novel TH molecules like T2 and thyronamines in comparison to classical TH such as T4 and T3

  • mechanisms and pathways of “T4-T0” action across the plasma membrane

  • non-classical aspects of intracellular TH action

  • organ-specific response to TH and mechanisms of auto-regulation in situations of high or low “T4-T0” availability

  • definition of disease-specific thyroid status to understand individual patient risk for TH related morbidities

The THYROID TRANS ACT programme proposal will not support projects that focus on:

  • other thyroid molecules, receptors and signalling pathways unless they are directly related to TH action in the body

  • classical thyroid hormone receptor action

  • pathogenesis of thyroid disorders such as autoimmune disease, goitre and thyroid tumours

  • TH actions related to adiposity and diabetes

Proposals for the first three-year funding period should be submitted on paper (2 copies) and on CD-ROM no later than 30 November 2011. Proposals must be written in English. Submissions, marked as “SPP 1629”, should be addressed to Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Dr. Georg Munz, 53170 Bonn. Proposals must be prepared according to the guidelines for individual research grants (1.02e).

The evaluation meeting including presentations by the applicants will take place in Bonn end of March 2012.

Further information

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