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Information for Researchers No. 26 | 16 June 2011
Priority Programme “Integrative Analysis of Olfaction” (SPP 1392)

The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has established a Priority Programme entitled “Integrative Analysis of Olfaction” (SPP 1392) in 2009. The programme will start its second three-year period in summer 2012.

The programme aims at a comprehensive understanding of the neurobiological basis of olfactory coding through the analysis of olfactory systems at all levels of olfactory processing: 1) signalling and coding, 2) information processing, 3) sensory and behavioural performance, and 4) perception and cognition. Specifically, applications are invited for studies that analyse the mechanisms necessary for odor discrimination, that study the basis of olfactory learning, and that investigate olfactory-driven behaviours, both innate and acquired. As a general rule, projects should be of collaborative nature (“tandems”) submitted by teams of at least two principal investigators with different disciplinary background, though justified exceptions may be granted. New projects that integrate well with the current research focus of the SPP are welcome; please get in contact with the coordinator for advice.

The following areas are explicitly excluded: ecological interactions (non-neuro), purely comparative studies, investigations on non-neural systems, artificial olfaction, robotics and motor systems, as well as clinical studies without a basic research focus.

Applications for the second and final round of three-years funding should be written in English. Deadline is the 31 October 2011. Please submit applications (one copy on paper, one copy on CD-ROM) directly to the DFG, codeword „SPP 1392“, postal address: DFG, 53170 Bonn, and an electronic PDF version to the coordinator (see below). The panel committee will invite applicants to present their proposal at a symposium to be held in Bonn in February/March 2012.

Further information

Further information can be obtained at

 and/or directly from the scientific coordinator

For questions related to the application process please contact