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Information for Researchers No. 7 | 25 January 2011
DFG Priority Programme “Algorithm Engineering” (SPP 1307)

Third funding period with the possibility to include cooperation partners from India

The Priority Programme “Algorithm Engineering” (SPP 1307) has been established in 2006. It is designed to run for six years and the third funding period will start in 2011.

Efficient algorithms and data structures are a prerequisite for demanding computer applications that work with large data sets on increasingly complex hardware. Algorithmics – the systematic development of efficient algorithms – is therefore decisive for the transfer of technological possibilities into applications with large impact on engineering, economy, science, and our daily life. However, the solution of pending problems is inhibited by a wide gap between the state of knowledge of algorithm theory and the practical application of applications. The goal of algorithm engineering (AE) is to bridge this gap which has widened for decades now. The key for achieving this goal is a wider methodology. At the core of this methodology is a cycle of design, analysis, implementation, and experimental evaluation of practicable algorithms. Realistic models for machines and applications, algorithm libraries, and collections of real world inputs provide additional coupling to applications.

The Priority Programme “Algorithm Engineering” shall lead to a sustained innovative drive for the application of algorithms by advancing AE, establishing it more widely, and cross-linking AE researchers. The programme supports research projects that significantly contribute to bridging the described gaps between theory and practice using AE methodology. The programme does not support classical algorithm theory or application projects without a focus on the systematic investigation of algorithms.

The call for inclusion of Indian cooperation partners will be published separately from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Proposals for the third two-year period should be submitted in English on paper in triplicate and as PDF-files on CD-ROM (including the proposal and all appendices, e.g. publications) to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, attn. Dr. Klaus Wefelmeier, 53170 Bonn, keyword “SPP 1307 – Algorithm Engineering”) not later than 15 March 2011.

In addition to that please add a cover sheet with the title and a short summary of the project in German, name and address of the applicant(s) and an overview of the funds requested in German and send this cover sheet by email to Anne.Strunk@dfg.de. Also please send an extra copy of the proposal to the coordinator of the Priority Programme, Professor Dr. Peter Sanders, KIT, Fakultät für Informatik, Postfach 6980, 76128 Karlsruhe.

Further Information

The guideline “Research Grants – Guidelines and Proposal Preparation Instructions (1.02e)” can be found at:

For scientific enquiries concerning the objective target of the programme please contact the programme coordinator

Providing information in the DFG Head Office on structural aspects is

available for scientific questions is

Call for proposals by the DST

The call for inclusion of Indian cooperation partners „Computational algorithmics with special focus on Algorithm Engineering“was published in March 2011 by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.