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Anja Allabar - Bernd Rendel Prizewinner 2020

Anja Allabar

Anja Allabar

© Anja Allabar

Geoscience graduate Anja Allabar (28) is currently in the third year of her doctoral project, which is being supervised at the University of Tübingen and conducted together with researchers from Great Britain, Italy, the USA and Germany. The ambitious project aims to redefine the complex processes involved in the release of gases from water-rich rock melts in order to gain a better understanding of the processes that take place during explosive volcanic eruptions and better evaluate the related geohazards. In addressing this important and challenging research question, Anja Allabar has already made a pioneering breakthrough by innovatively combining experimental data and thermodynamic concepts. She has also contributed important impetus and ideas in four other publications. She has been recognised for her outstanding achievements and excellent potential in an academic career.



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